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The quantitative filling device of the beverage packaging machine

a quantitative filling device of the beverage packaging machine, the float [3] is installed in the float chamber [1), the magnetic element [9] is installed in the closed cavity [4] of the float [3], and a guide groove [10] is set in the middle of the float [3], giving full play to the advantages and characteristics of Taizhou "Kingdom of plastic products", and the guide shaft [5] passes through the guide groove [10] of the float [3] to cooperate with it, The magnetic probe [8] outside the float chamber [1) is set at the corresponding position of the magnetic element [9] of the float during the standard filling volume. Its design is reasonable, which can effectively improve the sensitivity and accuracy of quantitative control and stabilize the tight nature of current social resources. Moreover, it can adjust the size of packaging capacity by adjusting the position of magnetic probe, which is convenient and practical

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