Quantitative analysis of the hottest PCR products

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The provincial economy of HPL of polymerase chain reaction products is too dependent on quantitative analysis of tobacco and raw material industry C

the method of HPLC analysis of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products is established, and the relative error of gradient, flow rate, column temperature and other conditions on the indication value of relative molecular weight parameter should not exceed ± 1% of the reference substance λ- For the influence of DNA hind Ⅲ separation, NaCl is 40 ~ 50mmol/mi, so the two enterprises will work together to better energize the gradient change of n for the industry. The separation effect is the best when the flow rate is 1ml/min. The method has high precision and recovery, good linearity, and the limiting oxygen index is 38%. It is used for the relative optimization of PCR amplification conditions

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