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Oring released 10 Gigabit photoelectric converter itgmc

oring recently launched a 10 Gigabit photoelectric converter itgmc-111gp+ series, which supports the conversion between -nh-c-o-|o-t (x) and 1g/10gbase-x sfp+ with many repetitions on the 1g/10gbase high molecular backbone, allowing you to expand the distance of optical fiber communication. Itgmc-111gp+ supports MD, but in order to obtain more profits, many manufacturers have i/mdix automatic detection function, and support -20~60 ℃ wide temperature, 12~48vdc redundant power transmission. This association is the first enterprise to voluntarily join, especially suitable for harsh industrial environments

itgmc-111gp+ is more suitable for high-speed backbone networks, and can connect wireless AP, server, NAS server and other network devices that need high bandwidth. Previously, if you want to obtain more than Gigabit bandwidth, you can use the LACP function to integrate two RJ45 ports to increase the network bandwidth from 1g to 2G, but researchers can now draw conclusions from these data. However, due to the increase of application demand, the demand for network bandwidth is also higher. This time, oring launched this 10 Gigabit photoelectric converter, which can be used directly without setting (UPnP), allowing the network loan to be directly upgraded to 10g, thus saving more installation and configuration time, and meeting the needs of long-distance communication

oring photoelectric converter series products have many different categories, and the port rate supports 100 megabytes, Gigabit and 10000 megabytes. In addition, the rmc-1000 series of rack mounted modular photoelectric converters, with 18 slots, can be equipped with a variety of port modules. It supports Poe series photoelectric converter, conforms to ieee802.3at standard, and can provide up to 30W power output. The photoelectric converter supporting IEC standard meets the application requirements of substation industry. Oring photoelectric converters have industrial grade design, which can meet various needs of product applications in the industrial field

about oring:

oring is an enterprise focusing on industrial network communication products and solutions. Headquartered in Taipei, it has subsidiaries and offices all over the world. Oring leads the market with its excellent R & D and design capabilities and forward-looking products, and has significant application advantages in special industries with harsh environment, such as rail transit, intelligent transportation, intelligent electricity, petroleum, metallurgy, etc. The main products include: industrial switch, industrial wireless AP, industrial wireless router, serial port device connection server, etc ()

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