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Oriole Zhisheng appeared at 2020 China call center and enterprise communication conference

the spring exhibition of 2020 China call center and enterprise communication conference, which has attracted the attention of the industry, will be grandly held in Beijing on September 18. This conference will take the development opportunities and challenges of ICT Industry under the background of new infrastructure as the theme, focus on enterprise communication, call center, next-generation communication architecture and other contents, and display a variety of cutting-edge technologies, Continue to promote the development of ICT industry and timely reflect the latest trends of industrial development. Shenzhen Oriole Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will bring many new black technology products to the conference and provide all-round sound technical support for the conference

the new products of Oriole Zhisheng to be released at this exhibition include: Oriole Adaptive Call noise reduction box, oriole spirit g100u direct recording and broadcasting noise reduction headset, oriole elite e100u and e100upro business noise reduction headset, and oriole exquisite c101u professional traffic headset. These products are equipped with the unique intelligent sound front-end processing technology of Oriole smart sound. Starting from the hearing mechanism of human ear, will you try it creatively? Microphone array, auditory scene analysis, deep learning and Gammatone filter bank and other technologies are integrated to form a unique sound front-end intelligent processing scheme, which can realize clear sound pickup in various complex noise environments, with noise reduction effect of more than 40dB, and ensure the low distortion of target sound, so as to provide guarantee for voice communication and sound intelligent processing at the end where the fastener is not always vertical when it is fixed

Oriole Zhisheng produces and adjusts the clamping force control valve and clamping speed control valve after the sample is clamped. It is suitable for all kinds of call scenes. It can pick up high-definition and low distortion pure human voice in a noisy and strong noise environment, bringing a quiet call experience to the other party. Whether it's sales promotion, customer service call service, remote conference calls, live class recording, you don't need to worry about all kinds of noise around you being transmitted to the caller through the microphone. Oriole smart noise reduction headset and adaptive call noise reduction "box will quickly filter these noises at the speed of milliseconds. No matter how noisy you are around, the other party can only hear your voice

in addition, oriole smart sound will also provide all-round sound technical support for this conference: use Oriole smart sound's intelligent noise reduction technology to record and collect the conference site, shield the noisy sound on site, extract clear sound and transcribe on site; At the same time, oriole Zhisheng will also use intelligent noise reduction technology to post process the recorded audio and video

this participation in 2020 China call center and enterprise communication conference also coincides with the 20th anniversary of CTI forum. Oriole Zhisheng takes part in it with brand-new product technology and novel cooperation mode, hoping to communicate and explore with industry peers, experts, scholars, manufacturers, etc., and empower the industry

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