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Oriental Tobacco news held a symposium on printing quality

on June 24, the Symposium on printing quality of oriental tobacco news was held in Jinan, Shandong Province

head of oriental tobacco newspaper, head of art editing and Distribution Department; The principals and technical directors of four printing units including Guangzhou Media Co., Ltd. printing branch, Shandong workers' daily printing factory, Linyi Shengshi Huacai Printing Co., Ltd. and Kunming printing factory attended the meeting

the participants analyzed the printing characteristics of each printing unit, and studied and discussed the factors affecting the quality of printing rigid plastic impact testing machine, such as personnel and equipment, on-site management, ink and paper. Representatives of the printing units said that oriental tobacco daily was in the forefront of the national newspaper market in terms of prepress technology such as format specification, color management and image adjustment. Many high consumption, low efficiency and other mechanical products were gradually eliminated. It would further maintain the domestic first-class printing quality of the oriental tobacco daily by introducing advanced equipment, improving personnel quality and strengthening communication and exchange. The meeting discussed and passed the "Oriental Tobacco news" printing quality management regulations

for many years, Oriental Tobacco news has attached great importance to newspaper printing. 5. Transmission system: the transmission part of the electronic universal experimental machine mainly has two kinds of quality and visual management. There is a key problem. In addition to organizing technical training such as color management and professional design software, it has also organized art editors to study and investigate domestic first-class media and printing enterprises such as Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou, Beijing News and Shenzhen national color, In terms of development concept, technical specifications, design ability, software and hardware, it is gradually in line with the domestic first-class media. The business scope of art editing has also extended from newspaper layout design to enterprise album, advertising poster, book binding, VI vision, electronic magazine, new media vision and other fields; A visual management system with "Oriental Tobacco news" layout outline "," Oriental Tobacco news "color management process" and "Oriental Tobacco news" picture adjustment process "as the core has been formed, and the printing quality of the newspaper has been widely praised in the national newspaper exchanges

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