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Dongfang Yuhong shows the quality of waterproof works of Expo buildings

"Better City, better life" is the theme of the Shanghai WorldExpo, and behind the wonderful WorldExpo is the support of high-quality and high-quality projects. With excellent quality and service, Dongfang Yuhong has successively undertaken the waterproof works of China Pavilion, Theme Pavilion, Expo Axis, performance center, France Pavilion, Thailand Pavilion, Kingdom of Sweden Pavilion, Expo Village, Expo Intercontinental Hotel, Expo Garden and other venues, demonstrating the quality of the enterprise with perfect products and services

the carefully selected suppliers of the Expo represent the cutting-edge strength in the industry's rigid foam water absorption test method gb8810 (8) (iso2896 (6)). The products displayed at the Expo also lead the future development direction. At the beginning of 2009, it was learned that the China Pavilion of the WorldExpo was recruiting, and Dongfang Yuhong participated in the bidding of waterproof projects with many international and domestic enterprises. Among all the project bidding evaluation, Dongfang Yuhong's production quality, environmental protection control, production environment and various hardware facilities stood out with the highest score, and it deserved to win the waterproof project of the China Pavilion. The architectural appearance of the China National Pavilion takes "the crown of the East, the prosperous China, the granary of the world, and the rich people" as the conceptual theme, expressing the spirit and temperament of Chinese culture. Due to the particularity of its structure, it puts forward higher requirements for waterproof technology. Dongfang Yuhong company sent a technical team to investigate on the spot and customized it according to the architectural characteristics of the China Pavilion. Finally, the 120000 square meter waterproof project was completed by using self-adhesive waterproof coiled materials. After the victory of the first battle, with excellent products and processes, Dongfang Yuhong successfully won the waterproof materials and construction of important venues such as the Expo Axis, the theme pavilion and the Expo Performance Center

the humanistic technology, ecological environmental protection and technological innovation elements in the product concept of Oriental Yuhong are very consistent with the concept of innovation and integration of Shanghai WorldExpo. It is understood that according to the architectural characteristics of different Expo venues, Dongfang Yuhong has adopted rwb-801, TPO, SBS, jsa-101, arc-701 and other coiled materials and coatings according to the local conditions. These non-toxic and harmless environmental protection waterproof materials have overturned people's prejudice against the unsafe and intolerable use of traditional waterproof products, which not only meets the needs of the project, but also realizes green environmental protection. At the same time, it has won the Shanghai WorldExpo The honor of "2010 Shanghai WorldExpo new materials for energy conservation and environmental protection" jointly issued by China Construction Industry Association

according to the introduction, due to the urgent construction period of the WorldExpo, the high standards and strict requirements of the construction party for time and quality have made many enterprises involved in the construction feel like walking on thin ice. During this period, Dongfang Yuhong sent the most excellent technical force and construction team to participate in the waterproof construction of the Expo project. On April 6, Thailand Pavilion, the last important venue undertaken by Dongfang Yuhong, was completed ahead of the time limit agreed in the contract. So far, the acceptance rate of all waterproof projects participated by Dongfang Yuhong has reached 100%, and almost all of them were completed ahead of schedule under heavy pressure, ensuring the construction period. Due to the rigid requirement that the exhibition must be arranged a few days before the opening ceremony of the WorldExpo, the waterproof material must not only be the best, the technology must be excellent, but also must have the ability of rapid construction. In order to ensure that the project is completed on schedule, the workers also stick to their posts on holidays, carefully select every inch of materials, and every link is orderly. As the saying goes, "three minutes on stage, ten years off stage", under the pressure of strict construction period, Dongfang Yuhong competed against time in every detail from finished product delivery, logistics, construction, inspection, delivery and logistics support, and all projects were completed in advance. With the careful operation and unremitting efforts of Dongfang Yuhong people, hundreds of thousands of square meters of waterproof works have been tested, and there is no leakage point! The person in charge of the supervision company and the general contractor in charge of project quality supervision expressed his admiration for the extraordinary construction ability of Dongfang Yuhong under such great pressure. The project Department of China Construction Branch also wrote letters of praise to Dongfang Yuhong for many times, praising them for "active and serious work, excellent material quality, fast construction speed and good effect"

contributing to the WorldExpo is also an important public welfare cause that "corporate citizens" should pay attention to and participate in. The person in charge of Dongfang Yuhong said that contributing to the WorldExpo is not only to complete the waterproof bidding project of the WorldExpo with quality and quantity guaranteed, but also to permeate every detail with this grateful corporate feeling. As the first enterprise in the waterproof industry to issue a social report, Dongfang Yuhong takes the "five actions" of "for the country, for the society, for customers, for employees, and for shareholders" as the purpose of the enterprise. It has donated 268 tons of paint and 114800 square meters of coiled materials for free 24 hours to meet the testing needs of the WorldExpo. There is no physical meaning without unit value, with a total value of nearly 700000 yuan, and has undertaken the 600 day housing maintenance project to welcome the WorldExpo, They hope to become an important part of the Expo system by "promoting the Expo, promoting the Expo, and providing integrated technical services for the Expo with high alloy steel casting and rolling", and make contributions to the successful hosting of the Shanghai Expo

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