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Dongfang Seiko was honored as the "key high-tech enterprise of the 2010 National Torch Plan"

recently, according to the science and Technology Information Bureau of Nanhai District, Foshan City, the plastic products industry has penetrated into agriculture, industry, national defense, construction, daily use, medical treatment In various fields of social life such as aerospace, Guangdong Oriental Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a key high-tech enterprise in the 2010 national torch plan by the torch center of the Ministry of science and Technology (Certificate No.: GZ). It is understood that Dongfang Seiko applied for the project in September this year, and was recognized and announced on the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology in December. The Pearl River Times published this information on December 17 on rubber assemblies. In this application, a total of 10 enterprises in Nanhai District applied, and finally only 5 enterprises were recognized, which is also one of the few enterprises in Nanhai District to obtain the recognition so far

as a domestic manufacturer specializing in manufacturing corrugated box printing equipment, Dongfang Seiko has focused on the R & D and manufacturing of corrugated box printing equipment since its establishment in 1996. After years of development, it is currently a high-end printing slotting die-cutting machine enterprise with the highest efficiency, the most complete supporting facilities and the largest sales volume in the same industry in China. The main products of the company now include two series: upper printing slotting die-cutting machine (vacuum transmission and non vacuum transmission, and can be equipped with scraper inking system) and lower printing slotting die-cutting machine. Dongfang Seiko's continuous innovation in technology and its persistent pursuit of quality have proved that China is now able to meet the basic needs of the domestic market and is fully capable of developing and manufacturing its own high-quality corrugated box printing equipment. Its developed products fill the gap in the utilization value of China's paper box packaging equipment in terms of construction performance, and become a pioneer and successful model in the same industry in China. This time, Dongfang Seiko was recognized as a key high-tech enterprise in the 2010 national torch plan by the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology, which is an affirmation and encouragement to this enterprise. Looking forward to the future, Dongfang Seiko said that it would continue to adhere to the mission of creating value for customers and leading the development trend of the industry, and strive to become an international leading overall solution provider of carton packaging equipment

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