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Oriented polypropylene packaging materials have broad prospects

metallized film innovation accelerates. According to a foreign manufacturer of lighter metallized oriented polypropylene packaging materials, it is working side by side with a binder manufacturer and is close to realizing the technology of adding the insulation layer to the metallized film in the lamination stage

4 years ago, this field was actually blank. Now, this process can be used to achieve some specific effects: affecting the surface composition of materials to improve flatness and insulation performance; Or improve the hardness of the material to prepare for increased metal bonding. However, as the price of polyester materials is also declining, the choice of materials often depends on what specifications and characteristics of packaging product manufacturers want. Generally speaking, it is believed that oriented polypropylene materials have better water vapor isolation performance, while polyester materials can achieve better oxygen isolation performance. Polyethylene terephthalate has reorientation movement of molecular chain at high temperature. Zhongwang has provided BYD, a major new energy vehicle manufacturer in China, with all aluminum body frame profiles for many years. Of course, some highly insulating flexible packaging materials have completely broken away from the opaque metallization production process. The technology of producing transparent or translucent packaging films containing micro vacuum coatings has been quite mature in some countries

at present, 70% of the production capacity of the global packaging material market uses the process of physical evaporation coating, and the remaining 30% of the production facilities use chemical vapor deposition technology

metallized film storm is coming. Experts believe that although translucent packaging materials can bring novelty to consumers, the cost of using these materials will inevitably rise, and its performance will not necessarily exceed the standard transparent metallized film materials. At the same time, because of the increased contact with light, this material may also lead to changes in the properties of health food

European and American markets are slow to accept these transparent isolation alternatives; In contrast, Japan is impatient to adopt these new materials. It is predicted that the scale of the transparent insulating film market in Japan will reach 30000 tons within three years, exceeding the consumption scale of metallized laminates. At present, Europe and Japan mainly adjust and tighten the cutting edge of the force point in the steel structure industry; (2) The wear of the blade and fulcrum of the force point will increase the load error to varying degrees. Seize the opportunity. Transparent vacuum coating film is used for map packaging and product capping materials

this material can also show its advantages when the product is to be scanned by a metal detector. The acceptance of this product in the U.S. market is relatively slow. However, one of its main uses in the United States is for high-performance water vapor barrier membranes

"let consumers see the product quality clearly," this concept has once again had an impact on traditional values. However, in all these technological innovations, transparent insulation oriented polypropylene materials still play a relatively minor role compared with polyester materials. At the same time, because it can isolate water and oxygen at the same time, metallized film packaging materials are still the most reliable way to ensure quality

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