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The modular feeding system provides operators with more safety protection

in pharmaceutical production enterprises, the raw materials and effective pharmaceutical ingredients of drugs are often powdered or bulk granular materials. First of all, we must ensure that these raw materials are taken out of the transportation containers and filled into the equipment for drug production without polluting the surrounding environment. In addition, it must be ensured that no foreign matters enter the pharmaceutical production process. But the danger is more than that. Some of these raw materials are harmful to human health, even highly toxic and fatal. Therefore, the safety of operators and production process must be guaranteed in this field, and work must be carried out in an isolated state. The raw materials of dangerous drugs shall not be leaked in the process of entering the drug production, and foreign matters outside the production system shall not be allowed to enter the drug production system. Among them, the most critical link is the loading place of drug production equipment. Loading depends on the importance of environmental awareness. No other materials are allowed, and only a specified amount of pharmaceutical production raw materials are allowed. In order to achieve safe feeding, there must also be a suitable feeding system. The system should accommodate containers containing raw materials as much as possible. Therefore, the flexibility and adaptability of the system have become a matter of great concern, and the type, composition, quantity and production process of drug raw materials should be allowed to change with the variety of drugs. The modular feeding system developed and designed by azo company is such a solution

loading and emptying

the starting part of the loading system is equipped with a device that can absorb bulk materials, so as to prevent the raw materials of drug production from being dispersed into the surrounding environment. In order to reduce the labor intensity of production workers and enable raw material containers to be easily transported to the loading station, the operator can use the lifting table to transport the containers containing drug raw materials. Large size plastic bags are transported, loaded and emptied by special belt elevators, ground transporters, and chain suspended polylactic acid (PLA), which is a green high molecular material conveyor belt and automatic assembly auxiliary system that has been popular in the field of bio based and biodegradable research in recent years. When the large bulk material container arrives at the emptying station, the loading process begins. The container emptying machine is a double ring system, and the delivery straw of its raw materials is tightly sealed. When the suction pipe enters the drug container, the sealing port of the suction pipe is opened, and the drug raw materials in the container are sucked into the feeding system

if the raw materials for drug production are transported in containers in the form of containerization, the whole loading process is similar to that of bulk material transportation containers. If the suction interface of the loading system is well connected with the outlet of the container, the drug raw materials in the container can be sucked into the loading system, and the dust and raw materials will not leak out in the whole process

the filling and emptying station of sealed large-size plastic bags

the importance of inspection screen

inhaling drug raw materials into the feeding system is only the beginning of the whole feeding process. The effective drug ingredients in many raw materials for drug production are easy to agglomerate, blocking the transmission pipeline or adhering to the inner wall of the container of the transmission pipeline, which is an adverse phenomenon for drug manufacturers. Therefore, the feeding process does not end after the inhalation of drug raw materials. In most applications, the second step of the feeding process is an inspection screen. Its role in drug production is very important: foreign matters mixed in drug raw materials will never enter the drug production process, and the accumulated massive raw materials will also disperse. Azo company uses vortex screen technology that has been verified for many years in the process of inspection screen. The beautifully designed Da inspection screen adopts a double drive system, and each drive system can be adjusted and controlled separately. This is applicable not only to the conveying scroll rod with variable frequency regulation in the quantitative control mechanism, but also to the inspection screen motor driven separately. The installation height required by the dual drive system is very low, so that the feeding mechanism can also be equipped with a quantitative feeding device. Therefore, this feeding system is suitable for use in workshops with narrow production sites

if the screened drug raw materials are stuck in the inspection screen, the inspection screen also has methods to remove them. Vibration gb/t 3098.6 (2) 000 mechanical properties of fasteners stainless steel bolts, screws and studs, compressed air, mechanical mixing, agglomeration and crushing devices can be put into operation in time according to the characteristics of raw materials of different products to ensure the smooth progress of the feeding process

drug production workers are weighing the active ingredients of drugs

safety protection of bar code

in order to prevent inappropriate drug raw materials from entering the drug production process, the bar code monitoring device of the feeding system monitors the feeding process of the whole raw materials and active ingredients of drugs, which facilitates the operator to identify the containers of raw materials during feeding and avoids the mixing of different batches of raw materials into the drug production equipment. The best loading station should be a relatively open place in the pharmaceutical process equipment, where the operators can freely complete various loading operations. The vertical dust removal airflow can absorb all the dust and particles in the workplace. The exhaust filter installed in the feeding system can avoid the contact between the feeding system and the external space, so as to prevent cross contamination. Compared with ordinary working rooms, this kind of feeding work and air quality in the car are incorporated into the management room of national 6 for the first time, which requires less air exchange, and can form "circulating air" in the feeding working room. In addition, its use cost is low, easy to clean, and it has also obtained quality and production license certification

at the stations controlled by operators and weighed manually, there are more and more free stations separated by pure air curtains. Different from the previous laminar flow isolation system, this pure air curtain isolation technology can also effectively remove suspended solids in the air when the air volume is small, just like the exhaust outlet has a magnetic field. At the filter isolated by the air curtain, particles in the air are blocked out, significantly reducing the loss of drug production and filtration costs

highlights of manual weighing

in many prescriptions, the amount of some raw materials is too small, so they must be weighed manually, and these raw materials are often enzymes, effective pharmaceutical ingredients or aromatic raw materials. Because the dosage is too small, it is of little significance to use automatic weighing system for these small amounts of raw materials. Therefore, it is recommended to use manual weighing device. This manual weighing device can be used as a separate station or integrated in the pharmaceutical production line

when the drug raw materials to be weighed enter the manual weighing system, the barcode scanner scans the barcode on the container to identify the incoming raw materials. In the subsequent weighing process, strict protective measures can prevent accidents. The weighing monitoring system accurately records each operation step and each weighing result, including production batch, manufacturer's documents, usage and output, and generates a PDF report file, which can well prevent forgery and modification, and can be consulted in the future. Batch weighing, batch weighing, absolute value or "zero" weight weighing are all standard weight tasks that this weighing control system can complete. In addition, the weighing system can also calculate the content of effective drug ingredients, water content, weighing coefficient and yield. The weight error of weighing can be adjusted according to the requirements of the drug production contract. After completing the weighing work, the control system will automatically label, which greatly facilitates the subsequent drug production process


with the help of modular structural design, users can choose the appropriate module according to their own drug production needs. According to the nature of raw materials for drug production, the nature of effective drug ingredients, the degree of automation of equipment in pharmaceutical production plants, and the degree of hygiene and cleanliness of drug production processes and production processes, users can choose appropriate modules to form the best raw material loading system. (end)

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