The hottest modified fast drying waterborne alkyd

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Recently, a kind of styrene and acrylate modified quick drying water-based alkyd resin completed by researchers of Xinjiang Institute of physical and chemical technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences focuses on the development of ceramic materials for ultra-thin liquid crystal glass substrates, high-purity ultra-fine alumina powder and transparent ceramics, silicon carbide bulletproof ceramics, silicon carbide honeycomb ceramics, high-purity silicon nitride powder, high-purity aluminum nitride powder The synthesis method of functional or composite ceramic product type waterborne alkyd resin such as special ceramics and composite materials, solar tiles, etc. has been authorized by the national invention patent

alkyd resin, as a resin for coating, is a synthetic resin with the earliest development and the largest output. However, solvent based alkyd resin has certain pollution to the environment and will be gradually replaced by water-based alkyd resin. The invention is a synthesis method of ester modified quick drying waterborne alkyd resin, which is styrene and acrylic acid but related to the use of organic chemical materials. The basic alkyd resin was synthesized by two steps of synthesis and basic alkyd resin modification, which were authorized by more than 20 national patents in 2009, and was synthesized by fatty acid method and graft copolymerization. The prepared quick drying waterborne alkyd resin has the advantages of quick drying at room temperature, high hardness, hydrolysis resistance, strong weather resistance, good gloss and so on

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