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Mold industry is moving towards technology intensive industry

nowadays, mold industry is trying to move towards technology intensive and investment intensive industry. In order to obtain molds with high quality, stable performance and high added value, two conditions need to be met: first, high investment; Second, adopt high and new technology. This growth since the new century has been accompanied by the renewal of varieties, the improvement of benefits, the improvement of labor productivity, and the emergence of new products and high-level products at the same time, that is to say, the benefit growth and the growth of production and marketing have reached a synchronous state under this environment

although China's mold industry started late, it has developed rapidly, with an annual industrial value of nearly 200 million yuan. It has become the main raw material supplier and technical service provider of the global surface material industry, with 0 billion yuan, second only to Japan and the United States. On the one hand, the mold industry is moving forward steadily in the traditional market, on the other hand, it is actively exploring emerging markets. Driven by the development of LED lighting and display, automobile lightweight, rail transit, medical devices, new energy, aerospace and other fields, the level of China's mold industry has obviously improved. These factors have made remarkable achievements in mold market development, and molds have been exported to 188 countries and regions

according to the statistics of China Customs, the total import and export of molds in 2012 was US $6.215 billion, an increase of 24.06% year-on-year In the first half of 2013, the total import and export volume was US $3.187 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 11.42%, of which the total import volume was US $1.218 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 4.87%; The total export volume was 1.969 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 15.89%. It is calculated based on the consumption of 1million tons of polyurethane insulation materials in one year

in recent years, the rapid growth of the mold industry has been sustained, coordinated and balanced, driving the upgrading of the mold industry and accumulating huge energy from quantitative change to qualitative change. Analyzing the mold industry, we can see that the growth of benefits is far faster than the growth of production and sales, and the growth of production and sales cannot always be accompanied by the synchronization of benefits, which is related to the technical content of the mold industry

in the future development of the mold industry, we should first pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of its product structure, so that the high-end mold with complex structure and high precision can be developed faster. If there is no mold industry, there will be no technological progress of mold products, no product demand and product upgrading. After the on-site confirmation of the review team, our mold industry should also closely follow the market demand to develop

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