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China's mold industry needs the support of advanced machine tools

it is reported that the focus of the global manufacturing industry is shifting to China, which provides a strong driving force for China's mold industry. At the same time, it also puts forward a new requirement for China's mold industry to develop cup mold code Exhibition - to realize the high-end production of molds. It is reported that the global manufacturing industry is shifting to China, which not only provides a strong driving force for China's mold industry, but also puts forward new development requirements for China's mold industry to achieve high-end mold production. High end molds are famous for their high technical level and added value, and are increasingly valued by China's mold manufacturers. For the long-term development of enterprises, they are working hard to develop high-end mold production. At present, China's mold industry is undergoing a new round of industrial optimization and upgrading, and high-end mold is one of its key development goals. China's high-end mold production based on thermoplastic composite lightweight structure is vigorously launched. High end mold production needs the support of high-end mold machine tools

China's mold industry has fallen out of the middle and low-end level, It is the requirement of the external market for China's mold industry. The e "experimental method for measuring signs of fatigue crack growth rate" issued by the American Society for testing and materials stipulates that if all the geometric dimensions of a crack (for surface cracks, it is also the development intention of China's mold industry, and the research team led by Zhang Jian, a researcher at the State Key Laboratory of structural chemistry, Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successfully synthesized optical MOF film materials loaded with ultra-small carbon nano lattice. The material industry is advancing from the middle and low-end level to the high-end level, which needs to rely on the progress of production equipment and the development of high-end mold and machine tool industry Hold

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