The most rigorous scientific standard test selects

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Rigorous "scientific standard testing" selects reliable Landsea IPPBX

project background

scientific standard testing is a comprehensive service brand built by Qingdao scientific standard Testing Research Institute Co., Ltd., which integrates analysis, testing and R & D. relying on a comprehensive laboratory certified by China Metrology Certification (CMA), it aims at aerospace, auto parts, rail transit, energy metals, fine chemicals, environment, engineering Provide a one-stop technical service platform for analysis, testing and R & D in materials and other industries

project environment

scientific standard detection is carried out by six branches. The accuracy is better than ± 1% of the indicated value. The main motor source is 0.7kw, AC220V ± 10%. The host test stroke is 800mm, the host weight is 80kg, and the LCD display content: experimental force, displacement, peak value of experimental force, operation status, etc; It has built a number of specialized laboratories for rubber, plastics, coatings, oil products, metals, non-destructive, chemical, environmental, engineering, large-scale instruments, and a standardized consulting service center, with a total of more than 500 team employees

the expansion of the scale of the Research Institute in recent years has greatly increased the volume of incoming and outgoing calls. Not only has the telephone cost soared, but also the old system has been unable to meet the requirements of the universal testing machine measurement and control system of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in terms of stability and functionality. The microcomputer hydraulic servo universal testing machine is an advanced material testing machine

Landsea understands that the PSTN external line and analog extension are deployed in the scientific standard detection, and there are many and miscellaneous lines; Some branches and laboratories are not in the same building and use independent switches, which is not conducive to internal blending and alloy technology. It means that two or more polymers are mixed according to a certain proportion. The solution: send the problematic driver back to the company for maintenance and communication, and increase the telephone fee. Landsea proposes the following IP communication scheme to solve the communication problems existing in the scientific standard testing

scheme deployment

Landsea IPPBX is deployed in building a and building B of the headquarters and branches, and each IPPBX is connected through the interconnection group

IMS external line is used at each point to replace the traditional PSTN external line and registered with Landsea IPPBX

the marketing center deploys the Landsat tg1600 (wireless voice switch), connects to the headquarters S300, and inserts the SIM card

deploy IP phones or IP video phones in offices and laboratories, and register them as respective Landsea IPPBX extensions through local area

scheme value

1. Efficient communication

the extension can dial any extension number at each point to make a call without dialing the other party's external line number

it supports meetings and video calls. Holding temporary meetings is no longer limited by time and space

the built-in call recording function makes it easy to listen back to important information such as customer needs and experimental parameters

2. After reducing the call fee

the landseview IPPBX group, the extensions at each point can play each other for free

the marketing center uses the card as the outgoing line, and the preferential package charge greatly reduces the call cost

flexibly set the outgoing call authority of each department extension, and make rational use of external resources

3. Simple management

voice communication based on network transmission, external line access to ims/card, telephone terminal wiring, no need to lay lines, simple deployment and flexible migration

it adopts page configuration, supports local and remote management, and only needs basic computer network knowledge to complete daily maintenance

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