The most reasonable design is the key to cost redu

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Rational design is the key to cost reduction

in the 21st century, the competition in the domestic home appliance market is becoming increasingly fierce. With the joining of a series of successful state-owned household electrical appliance enterprises, the microwave oven market has entered a truly meager profit era. In order to expand the market share of their own products, microwave oven manufacturing enterprises must not only adopt cutting-edge technology in time to ensure good product performance and provide perfect after-sales service, but also cost pressure has become a serious problem that all enterprises must face. At a time when the simple material cost reduction is insufficient, the reasonable and optimized design becomes more and more important in cost reduction, because the optimized packaging design scheme can not only reduce the cost of packaging materials, but also improve the packaging performance of products, achieving twice the result with half the effort. The following is an example of Panasonic microwave oven's cost reduction and protection performance improvement in product packaging through reasonable optimization design:

panasonic microwave oven's original packaging design scheme is shown in Figure 1. The glass disc is packed in a paper clip and placed in the middle of the liner on the split foam, and both are placed above the microwave oven. The changed design scheme is shown in Figure 2. It adopts a new integrated upper liner foam design, so that the glass disc can be directly embedded into the groove of the upper liner design. At the same time, considering the humanization factors, a notch is specially designed in the upper liner to facilitate the taking and placing of the glass disc. Through the comparison between the two design schemes, it can be found that scheme 2 omits the use of glass disc paper clips for the production of Jinan assaying professional manufacturers, and uses a lot of hollow designs on the upper liner foam, which is the necessary inspection standard for whether the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials can really meet the standard. In this way, the use of materials is greatly reduced, the material cost is reduced, and because there is a part missing, The time and energy consumed in the assembly process will be relatively reduced, and the assembly and management costs will be correspondingly reduced. In addition, the integrated design of the upper gasket provides a wider range of comprehensive protection for the microwave oven, so as to improve the protection performance of the packaging

the above examples show that rational design, as a key to cost reduction, is applicable to the static physical and mechanical property test, analysis and research of automobile parts with the rapid development of today's society and the experiments of automobile interior materials such as stretching, tightening, bending, peeling, tearing, puncturing, bursting and shearing, Its core concept should be to obtain the highest income (including function, price, etc.) at the lowest cost (including a series of costs of materials, assembly, management, etc.). This is the case with packaging design and other aspects

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