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The ICIF enriches the connotation of urban functions made in Shanghai interprets the smart city business card

according to the official of the China ICIF, as the only industrial exhibition named after China and with the longest history, it has gone through 20 years. The ICIF came into being under the background of the rapid development of manufacturing in China, which further promoted the high-quality and high-level development of China's manufacturing industry. Shanghai, as the host of the ICIF, complements each other and benefits a lot

Shanghai was an important birthplace of national industry, the birthplace and concentration of national brands in modern China. Nowadays, as an international metropolis, Shanghai is also the operation place and radiation source of the ICIF effect. The high-quality manufacturing products displayed in the ICIF are an important embodiment of the "made in China" brand as well as the "made in Shanghai" brand. It has not only enriched the connotation of Shanghai's core functions, but also strongly supported the construction of the core functions of the whole city. It has become a beautiful business card of Shanghai

move global industry and create a better life with wisdom

as a grand slam exhibiting in the 20-year Industrial Expo, Shanghai Electric fully combines the theme of this Industrial Expo: "innovation, intelligence and green". The shape of the exhibition hall is like an open shell, while the internal industries are like pearls. Miss Zhang, the person in charge of the booth, said: "what we do is to create a bright and beautiful life for the city."

(the picture shows Shanghai Electric's booth)

this time, with the theme of "dynamic global industry and smart creation of a better life", Shanghai Electric has created a comprehensive solution for smart energy and smart city, and fully presented Shanghai Electric's comprehensive integration capabilities in energy conversion and transmission, industrial equipment, inspection method, urban traffic, environmental protection, etc. with the output signal of the open-ended unit as the output. In particular, interactive projects such as scene based interactive sand table, AR stereoscopic recognition of industrial map, Chongming Samsung rural "Internet +" smart energy demonstration project, solar thermal interactive sand table, etc. are set. Communicating to the public that Shanghai Electric not only produces products, but also provides customized solutions for customers

at the same time, China's high-speed rail and infrastructure enterprises may appear in the near future. Among them, the "interactive sand table of solar energy, light and heat" that conforms to the keyword "green" may closely follow the theme. Recently, Shanghai Electric won the bid for the world's largest solar thermal project in Dubai. In the form of simulation sand table and electronic interaction, this exhibition presents us a scene of a solar thermal project, which combines environmental protection with green energy to maximize green actions

"ar stereoscopic recognition of industrial map" is to integrate nuclear power, wind power, gas power and other energy into a large industrial map, clearly showing that the whole industrial chain of Shanghai Electric is distributed throughout Shanghai, reflecting the development and progress of smart and innovative technology made in Shanghai

(the picture shows ar stereoscopic recognition of the industrial map)

"scenario based interactive sand table" combines theory with interaction, simulates multiple geographical environments, scenarios integrated services and electronic models in the field of urban basic energy and environmental protection, and uses 3D printing module pressure sensing, sound and light and other display technologies to present an integrated scene with energy and environmental protection guarantee and improve urban life satisfaction

(the picture shows a scene based interactive sand table)

start "made in Shanghai" and travel around the world

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited takes "made in Shanghai" as the slogan and "love cars and travel around the world" as the theme to add another medal to made in Shanghai. The safety requirements for the rope clamp connection of the 7 new energy and smart Lianchuang new products intensively displayed by SAIC this time should comply with gb5967 ⑵ 006 steel wire rope clamp, in which the electric smart super run SUV Roewe Marvel x won the "2018 Industrial Expo innovation Gold Award". The strong lineup of exhibitors interprets the theme of "innovation, intelligence and green" in this Industrial Expo, and shows the determination and strength of SAIC Group to continuously accelerate independent innovation, strive to build a world-famous automobile company, and actively launch the "made in Shanghai" brand

in recent years, SAIC Group has made continuous innovations in the new four development directions of "electrification, intelligent integration, sharing and internationalization". Among them, the featured exhibits include electric smart super run SUV Roewe Marvel x, 7-seat Zhilian luxury SUV Roewe RX8 in the whole field, pure electric interconnected SUV Roewe erx5, hormone SUV mingjue HS, luxury interconnected new energy coupe mingjue emg6, intelligent customized interconnected MPV Maxus G50 and pure electric MPV Maxus Eg10

(Roewe Marvel x won the "2018 ICIF innovation Gold Award")

in front of the Roewe Marvel x booth, which won the innovation Gold Award of this ICIF on the opening day, the audience came forward eager to try. This "new species" of SAIC Group has made fruitful achievements in the field of innovation and intelligence. Integrating multiple "firsts": the world's first mass-produced vehicle equipped with "ar Augmented Reality Technology" has pioneered the realization of on-board ar live navigation; The world's first mass-produced vehicle to achieve "driverless in specific scenarios", and the breakthrough launch of "last mile" autonomous parking black technology; The world's first mass-produced vehicle equipped with "Internet automotive intelligent system (Zebra smart travel 3.0)" meets the needs of multi task execution, and realizes voice command control navigation, air conditioning, lighting, multimedia entertainment and other functions

(the picture shows Roewe Marvel x)

another major feature of SAIC Group is the "green technology" closely consistent with this Industrial Expo, which is leading in China and first-class in the world. The new energy models exhibited by SAIC this time are superior in power performance, endurance capacity, charging efficiency, etc. Roewe Marvel X has become a member of the "breaking 100 in 4 seconds" club, with a maximum range of 500 km; The maximum endurance mileage of Roewe erx5 is 425 kilometers in such a period of development, and the fast charging technology realizes 80% charging in 40 minutes

SAIC is the only automobile enterprise in China that adheres to the synchronous development of three new energy technologies: pure electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell. The core technologies of "electric drive, battery and electronic control" are leading in China and first-class in the world. In January this year, SAIC Group won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award for its "key technology and industrialization project of low-energy plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles", which is the only automotive project winning the award in this selection. At present, the company is making every effort to promote a new round of "electric drive, battery and electric control" core technology innovation. The independent development of the new electric vehicle e-architecture is advancing on schedule. SAIC 300 high-power fuel cell stack is also stepping up to optimize the system design scheme, striving to reach the international first-class technology level

in the future, SAIC will speed up the introduction of new energy household products according to the needs of market segments, and provide a full range of new energy vehicle products in the commercial fields such as bus rental, sanitation and postal services, logistics and commuting, wharf operation, etc. in accordance with the requirements of the national "three-year action plan to win the blue sky defense war"

manufacturing high-end products and creating outstanding value

Mr. Lu, the booth leader of Shanghai microelectronics equipment (Group) Co., Ltd., said: "as the only lithography machine manufacturer in China, we definitely need to undertake this innovation and manufacturing." As a veteran exhibitor of ICIF, it is mainly committed to the development, design, manufacturing, sales and technical services of semiconductor equipment, pan semiconductor equipment and high-end intelligent equipment. The company's equipment is widely used in manufacturing fields such as IC front track, advanced packaging, FPD panel, MEMS, led, power devices, etc. It fully demonstrates the spirit of being made in Shanghai, fearless of difficulties and brave in innovation

among them, IC front channel projection lithography machine is the top equipment in innovative intelligence. It is the key equipment with the highest technical difficulty and the most expensive price in integrated circuit equipment. It integrates advanced technologies and engineering technologies such as precision optics, machinery, control and materials. It is the key equipment with the highest technical difficulty in integrated circuit equipment. However, domestic enterprises start late and have a weak foundation, The core technology of advanced lithography equipment has been monopolized by foreign semiconductor equipment giants

(the picture shows the booth of Shanghai microelectronics equipment (Group) Co., Ltd.)

at the same time, 600 series IC front pass lithography machine fully owns independent intellectual property rights. At present, 756 patents including international invention patents have been applied for or authorized, including a number of innovative technologies: projection objective lens with high resolution, large numerical aperture and exposure field of view, high-speed and high-precision motion platform synchronization technology, As well as precise focusing and leveling and alignment advanced optical signal processing technologies, these technologies are at the highest level in China and reach the world leading level of similar products. At the same time, the 600 series IC front pass lithography machine adopts the scanning lithography machine modular platform technology, which has good functional scalability and dynamic performance

referring to the changing future and development prospects of the ICIF, Mr. Zhan Shanglu said: "now there are more and more manufacturers and more advanced technologies, which also shows that China's industrial development is getting better and better. This is a great progress and our pride."

in addition to the three "made in Shanghai" enterprises mentioned above, there are also many leading enterprises in Shanghai and even China on the site of this year's Industrial Expo. They not only showed individual technological breakthroughs, but also showed the overall solution of intelligent manufacturing, bringing the audience a real experience of "made in Shanghai, made in China". Shanghai is a symbol of internationalization. Enterprises are the cells of the national economy. Manufacturing is the driving force of industrial development. Under the guidance of the "made in China 2025" strategy, let us look forward to the wonderful performance of China's manufacturing industry in the future global competition

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