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The ICIF witnessed the evolution of robots from "machine replacement" to "dancing with people"

original title: from "coarse" to "fine". The ICIF witnessed the evolution of robots from "machine replacement" to "dancing with people"

■ Zhang Yi, the chief of this newspaper, has always been the most eye-catching "species" of the China International Industrial Expo (ICIF). This year, a large number of robots were launched at the exhibition, Interesting "evolution" has emerged: if this group was known for its strength, speed and hard work in the past, now the emergence of some revolutionary technical solutions makes 4) the power on industrial robots more flexible and more spiritual

tactile machines are more like "flesh and blood"

in the robot exhibition hall, a "massage robot" brought by Shanghai Feixi robot company is eye-catching. As China's extruder products are closely connected with strategic new industries, sit beside them, put your arm on the desktop cushion, press "start", and the mechanical arm holding the massage ball will move to complete its massage task with moderate and soothing strength

huxiaoping, deputy general manager of Feixi, revealed that the robot named "dawn" is equipped with high-precision pressure sensors at each joint, and uses the relevant pressure data intelligently through AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm

touch makes the blind a good masseur; As for "dawn", it can handle more scenes where traditional robots are powerless. For example, plug in the plug -- "dawn" can pick up the wire, gently send the plug to the interface, use your fingers to test and slightly force, find out the exact position according to the needs of different customers, and then insert it

design ideas similar to "dawn" also appeared on the exhibits of Luoshi, another domestic light industrial robot enterprise. The flexible robot xmate first launched by Luo Shi is also equipped with sensors at each joint, so it has the whole body pressure sensing function. Xmate is very suitable for device plugging, precision assembly and other scenarios; Even on the operating table, which requires much more flexibility than the factory, it has the ability to exert its skills

the industry structure is undergoing fundamental changes

according to the Organizing Committee of the Industrial Expo, this year, international robot enterprises such as abb, KUKA, youao and dianzhuang, as well as local innovators such as Feixi, Luoshi and jieka, all released a new generation of collaborative robots. At the international robot summit held during the ICIF, the organizers invited small cooperative robot enterprises as heavyweight guests to VIP seats for the first time. This shows that the competition pattern of the robot industry is undergoing fundamental changes - the most important application scenario of industrial robots is changing from "rough work" to "fine work", and its mission is also changing from "replacing people with machines" to "dancing with people"

for a long time, the jobs of industrial robots have been concentrated on the assembly line - as welders, painters, or as porters in the warehouse, and these markets are currently relatively saturated. As robot applications pay more and more attention to other industrial scenarios, such as labor-intensive consumer electronics, home appliances and other industries, robot enterprises must make more efforts in "ingenuity"

in addition, due to the rapid iteration speed of the consumer electronics industry, robots must also be more enabled. In the case that there has not been an essential breakthrough in general robot technology, the most reasonable and practical solution is to let the machine work with people and help the machine cope with a variety of tasks with human wisdom and adaptability

"the whole process from now to 20 needs to be as stable as possible for 25 years, and the average annual growth rate of the global collaborative robot market will exceed 50%." Jurgen horen, President of youao, which has the highest share in the collaborative robot market in the world, cited this data. Hollen said that China's robot market could reach 40billion yuan by 2025 simply by screwing screws, grinding burrs, or moving things with people near machine tools. "China has the largest number of machine tools in the world and will be the most potential market for global collaborative robots."

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