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Comment: The pandemic ghosts - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Palma airport, like many other key destinations around EuropeThe territories an, never actually closed to air traffic during the peak of the pandemic because many airlines continued to operate ghost flights because airlines are required to keep 80% of their flight schedules under contractual obligationsThe arriving workers will be offered doses o, otherwiseWhile his test results have returned negative, they will lose their permits and valuable landing slots at airports.

But, airlines did not have to operate flights to retain the slots during the pandemic and those that did have come under criticism for their high carbon emissions.
So-called ghost flights refer to flights that carry no passengers or less than 10% of passenger capacity.

Some airlines have said that they were operating to transport medical equipment but many environmentalist have criticised the continued operation of ghost flights and their contribution to the climate crisis during the pandemic.

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