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Innovate UAV safety management and control, promote the practical application of UAV | Guangzhou

original title of this article: "Innovating the safety management of UAVs in the future, DFT will continue to unswervingly go down the road of chemical transformation and upgrading, control and promote the practical application of UAVs" ︱ Lin Chuan, deputy squadron leader of the public security management brigade of Tianhe District branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau "

Lin Chuan

Deputy squadron leader of the fourth squadron of the public security management brigade of Tianhe District branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau and the pilot office of UAV management has been in charge of the police since the police, He has successively worked in secret service brigade, public security management brigade, command center and other departments, but no matter which position he is in, he always keeps in mind to make innovation a habit and integrate it into every place of police work while completing his work in a down-to-earth manner. Loving learning and innovation is the most impressive label of Lin Chuan

during the work of the secret service brigade, Lin Chuan took the lead in introducing the H5 mode into the publicity work, and innovated the traditional publicity mode in a more vivid, practical and easy to spread way. His "three minute electric shock catcher" won the first prize in the first micro curriculum competition of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and he also won the title of "young post expert" in Guangzhou in 2015. While working in the science and technology section of the secondment command center, he studied deeply and explored carefully, and made a positive contribution to the page design, function realization and inventory platform of the new page of the branch, and the preliminary work of mobile police

now, as one of the police in charge of the pilot office of UAV management, Lin Chuan is mainly responsible for UAV security control, government and police application, and the construction of information platform

Lin Chuan was awarded by the Municipal Public Security Bureau. In 2017, he participated in the National Police unmanned aerial vehicle combat drill, and won awards in three subjects, including the second prize in the "suspicious target detection" subject, and the third prize in the "emergency rescue" and "air full view detection" subjects. Recently, Lin Chuan was elected as the 12th "outstanding young guard of Yangcheng" of the Municipal Public Security Bureau

control innovation

create provincial control standards

in the UAV control work, Lin Chuan actively carried out research, strengthened police enterprise cooperation, strengthened theoretical innovation, explored control norms, and helped promote Tianhe District. The obvious answer is that the former security branch has become the only pilot unit of "low, slow, and small" unmanned aircraft ground law enforcement management in the province

using the "Internet +" thinking, he deepened the control work by strengthening the research and judgment of information and data, screened and summarized the massive monthly flight data, and extracted information such as the release time and quantity of the body. The number of UAV flights in Tianhe District is huge, accounting for nearly one fifth of the total number of flights in the city. In this regard, he led the office UAV control team to complete the application of a variety of basic prevention and Countermeasures within the core area of Tianhe District, and the control effect was remarkable. During the security work such as the 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival, the Guangzhou International Marathon and the new year's Eve activities, the organization conducted a total of more than 5000 UAV patrols, collected nearly 10000 photos and film and television data, drove off or shot down 342 "Heifei" UAVs, and captured 76 "Heifei" personnel on site, maintaining the low altitude safety of the mission area

at present, its office is committed to formulating guidelines and related processes for handling illegal and illegal flights of UAVs, so as to accumulate experience and practices that can be used for reference and copied for the public security organs of the whole city and even the whole province

application innovation

overall planning of police administration application

in the application of UAVs, in order to put UAVs and related high-tech landing services in actual combat work and achieve "UAV +" upgrading, Lin Chuan has made in-depth research in police UAV equipment, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other aspects

in police application, it is flexible plasticity. Creep Fatigue and intensity, he used drones to assist the public security management team in investigating gambling dens, assist the command center and the political work office in activity shooting and publicity, assist the police station in implementing high-altitude forensics, and make high-definition base maps for security work as command and scheduling credentials by means of ultra long-distance monitoring and mounting equipment. In terms of government affairs application, he helped promote Tianhe District Public Security Bureau to become the overall management unit of UAV government affairs application in the whole region

in 2017, Lin Chuan led the professional application team of UAV in the office to carry out 161 special tasks such as security patrol, water conservancy inspection, urban construction blasting, etc., flying more than 3000 sorties, covering about 137 square kilometers of the whole Tianhe region, collecting and mapping geographic information of 500g, and producing hundreds of relevant materials and film and television materials, realizing the integrated application of police and government affairs, which was fully affirmed by government departments at all levels

platform innovation

solve the problem of open space division

on the innovation work of putting product platforms containing packaging materials into the market in the information technology platform, Lin Chuan based on the actual needs, aimed at the problem of open space information asymmetry existing in the current UAV police application, deeply studied the actual combat informatization of police UAVs and made great progress. He creatively integrated UAV, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, strengthened the research on augmented reality and virtual reality technology, and successfully leaped from theory to practice, and conducted a series of successful practical tests. The new technology will break through the visual limitations of air ground operations with intuitive informatization, provide clear guidance for ground operations, realize the tactical positioning and command interaction of air ground integration, realize the tripartite information sharing and collaborative operation of UAV pilots, on duty police officers and backstage commanders, and also facilitate managers at all levels to understand the actual situation on the scene, command and dispatch in real time, respond to all kinds of emergencies in time, and give full play to the professional efficiency of police UAVs, Realize the leap of levels in specific practical applications

innovation is the first driving force to lead development. For Lin Chuan, innovation should not be confined to the "ivory tower", but should be from the actual work, to the actual work, so that the seemingly unreachable UAV, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other high-tech landing as soon as possible to serve the actual police work, into practical and effective results, so that the grass-roots police can also use, be able to use, want to use, this is his biggest work expectation

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