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Innovation driven industry future transformation optimization of China's agricultural machinery industry

the current domestic agricultural machinery market competition has entered the "deep-water zone", and the competitive environment faced by enterprises is more complex. Some enterprises are unwilling to carry out high investment technology research and development, and are accustomed to imitation and follow-up, which does not meet the requirements of enterprise development to innovation driven transformation. On the whole, the development of domestic agricultural machinery enterprises is mainly based on the traditional resource input mode without a notch parallel to the axis of the gap. The lack of innovation driving force and insufficient development momentum have become the heel of restricting development

at present, China's agricultural mechanization is in a critical stage of accelerating development, structural improvement and quality improvement. Focusing on the development needs of modern agriculture, adhering to the innovation drive, accelerating the pace of industrial transformation and enhancing global competitiveness are important measures for China's agricultural machinery enterprises to innovate and develop and achieve development goals

I. draw a blueprint for enterprise development by promoting transformation through innovation

the cross parallel and integrated promotion of economic globalization and informatization, the coordinated integration and parallel development of innovation driven and industrial transformation, provide a rare opportunity guarantee for China's agricultural machinery enterprises to implement innovation driven, optimize development resources, accelerate industrial upgrading, and promote the development of agricultural machinery enterprises from "manufactured products" to "intelligent products" and "created products"

(I) innovation driven is the strategic support to lead development. The report of the 18th CPC National Congress proposed to implement the innovation driven development strategy, emphasizing that scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support for improving social productivity and comprehensive national strength, and must be placed at the core of the overall national development situation. To implement innovation driven, agricultural machinery enterprises should integrate enterprise strategy into national strategy, raise user demand as the focus of enterprise transformation, clearly understand the opportunities and challenges brought by industrial reform, optimize enterprise resources, improve innovation ability, and strive to realize the transformation from traditional industry and product adjustment to industrial value chain and product added value; From the traditional product and price competition to the platform competition mode of a full set of solutions supported by the system; From mainly relying on the input of resource elements to innovation driven transformation, we should actively build a successful road to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading

(II) technological innovation is the core driving force of industrial transformation. Adhering to technological innovation and taking the road of combining industry, University and research has become an important factor for enterprises to improve their innovation ability and speed up industrial upgrading. China's major agricultural machinery enterprises set up R & D centers in developed countries to focus on the development of high-end products and key technologies in the global market, and carry out the strategic layout of core technologies and patents. The national and provincial industrial technology innovation strategic alliances in the field of modern agricultural equipment have accelerated the layout and construction, and built a value platform to promote the development of the industry. The professional technology of agricultural machinery in China continues to integrate new technologies such as hydraulic pressure, automatic control, microelectronics, information and biology, and is developing in the direction of large-scale, integration and intelligence. Substantial breakthroughs have been made in the key technologies and equipment of wheat no till sowing, the key components and products of high-speed transplanters, corn harvesters, complete sets of technical equipment for potato processing, etc. with GPS, GIS automatic navigation and GIS power shift, stepless speed change tractors and large harvesters, precision seeders, hour hand large sprinkler irrigation machines and other products, they can fully meet the needs of precision agriculture, Expand the development space of the enterprise

(III) manufacturing upgrading is a key link driven by innovation. Manufacturing is a bridge connecting design goals and expected results. China's leading agricultural machinery enterprises focus on the new trend of industrial reform with manufacturing digitalization and intelligence as the core, explore green digital design, and promote the automation, flexibility, intelligence of manufacturing and informatization of enterprise comprehensive management. Applicable and advanced production management concepts have been widely used in some famous agricultural machinery enterprises, meeting the needs of production and marketing coordination, and becoming the main mode of agricultural machinery enterprises in the future. Pay attention to the development of scarce and exclusive technical products, and build the core competitiveness of enterprises. Adopt high-tech means to innovate product design and improve product competitiveness. Innovate production process, increase production flexibility and improve production efficiency. Flexible production lines provide the basis for enterprises to adapt to the diversification and serialization of products. Advanced manufacturing modes such as computer integrated manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and agile manufacturing have been popularized, and laser cutting equipment and industrial robots have been widely used, which strongly supports the pace of innovation driven

Second, grasp the current phased characteristics by promoting transformation through innovation

China's agricultural mechanization is moving from the intermediate stage to the advanced stage, and agricultural machinery enterprises show the characteristics and trends of service value, manufacturing upgrading and industrial integration. We need to deeply grasp the pulse of these major changes, consciously follow the laws of these changes, and firmly grasp the initiative of development

(I) service value driven development. Information technology is changing the marketing business model. The leading domestic agricultural machinery enterprises are developing from the traditional product and price competition to the value competition of providing the best solution of the whole set of equipment before, during and after production, which is supported by the system. They are transforming from manufacturers to providing the final solution and related services. Promote the integration of value and overflow customer value. The value service composed of financial service, product service, after-sales service and business service has gradually become the core link of the industrial chain and value-added chain of agricultural machinery enterprises

(II) the trend of manufacturing intelligence. Internet, cloud computing, big data, 3D printing, intelligent robots and other new technologies are becoming more and more mature, and the scope of application and popularization is increasing, gradually forming intelligent, agile and flexible manufacturing capabilities. The development mode and production mode of manufacturing industry will undergo profound changes, and the traditional large-scale centralized mass production will change to just in time, customized and personalized decentralized production. This will meet the agricultural characteristics of food crops and cash crops in China, the planting patterns in different regions, and the personalized value demands of different users, marking the arrival of personalized manufacturing environment

(III) industrial integration. The goal of manufacturing to creation changes the industrial ecological pattern and gives birth to new business models. Build a new competitive ecosystem, make use of the global manufacturing network and the differentiated advantages of different regions, optimize the allocation of specific processes, nodes and links that the enterprise does not have competitive advantages, and use network technology to effectively connect, integrate, optimize and improve the system, so as to realize the global high-end, high-quality resources and scarce capabilities to participate in the enterprise's product research and development, manufacturing, marketing and other enterprises, realize the maximum utilization of resources, and cultivate the unique Monopolize and scarce competitive value, build the "power source" of the core elements of the enterprise's global industrial chain and marketing chain, and support the efficient and orderly operation of the enterprise's value chain

Third, the heel of innovation and transformation

the current domestic market competition has entered the "deep-water area", and the competitive environment faced by enterprises is more complex. On the whole, the development of domestic agricultural machinery enterprises is mainly the development of the traditional resource factor input mode, which is lack of innovation driving force and insufficient development momentum, which has become the heel of restricting development. There are some deep-seated constraints in the core technology and manufacturing capacity of China's agricultural machinery industry, and there is still much room for innovation

(I) weak innovation ability of enterprises. According to statistics, the proportion of R & D investment in sales revenue of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in China is only about 0.71% on average. Although agricultural machinery enterprises have invested a lot in recent years, the gap between large and medium-sized tractors, combine harvesters, joint operation machines and tools and the advanced agricultural machinery technology of developed countries is constantly widening. The foundation of high-end agricultural equipment in China is weak, and enterprises lack the initiative and enthusiasm of R & D investment, so it is difficult to break through the existing income model of medium and low-end products. The patent strategy is generally missing, and the core technology is lack of extension. There is a certain gap between the main technology, economic performance indicators, product reliability and product structure of most agricultural machinery products produced and similar products in developed countries. From the perspective of product technology, agricultural machinery products in China mainly adopt mechanical technology, manual and semi-automatic operation mode in a specific environment, which can not reach the technical level of comprehensive application of foreign hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical integration technology and full-automatic, remote control and informatization

(II) the efficiency of fruit incubation is low. Some enterprises are unwilling to carry out high investment technology research and development, and are accustomed to imitation and follow-up, which does not meet the requirements of enterprise development to innovation driven transformation. As the main body of technological innovation, enterprises have not become the main body of scientific research and development and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. China's technological research and development activities are still mainly concentrated in scientific research institutions and colleges and universities. Some scientific research institutions and colleges and universities lack the power to transform scientific research achievements into enterprises to speed up transformation and upgrading and technological innovation. Some technical achievements lack market research, ignoring the changes and needs of the market environment, and the research and development of agricultural machinery products lack agronomic verification and compliance verification. Focus on new materials, new energy, information technology, microelectronic technology and other high-tech, technology span is too large, resulting in foundation disconnection, value chain is difficult to operate continuously

(III) the manufacturing level needs to be improved. The equipment newness coefficient of some traditional enterprises in China's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is far lower than that of other machinery industries, and is not lower than 0 There is a big gap compared with the standard of 7. With traditional machining equipment and technology, there is a significant gap with foreign advanced design means and equipment, such as green digital design, laser cutting, flexible production lines, various industrial robots and so on. In particular, some emerging enterprise bases pay attention to image publicity and ignore quality improvement; High end products focus on the cross-border purchase of core components, ignore the core manufacturing capabilities, and do not master the manufacturing technology of core components. Although it gives the impression that the product is in good condition, it is actually difficult. The quality gap with foreign high-end agricultural machinery has widened, and the comparative advantages of medium and low-end agricultural machinery such as compliance and reliability are missing. The poor quality stability and adaptability of its core products have almost become the key problems that have plagued the development of some agricultural machinery enterprises for a long time

IV. future development of innovation driven layout

the 12th Five Year Plan period is an important upgrading period for the development of China's agricultural machinery industry, a period of accelerated upgrading of core technologies, a period of all-round development of internationalization strategies, and a key breakthrough period driven by enterprise innovation. The development path and goal of agricultural machinery enterprise innovation is to actively implement innovation strategy, carry out structural adjustment and comprehensively improve management

(I) strategic active focus and high-quality transformation. Strengthen the research on the strategic transformation of China's economic development, the mode of economic development and the development and evolution law of the agricultural machinery industry, carefully summarize the experience and lessons in the process of enterprise development, comprehensively study and accurately grasp the trend of environmental change, scientifically summarize and sort out the resource advantages of enterprises, carefully demonstrate and analyze enterprise capabilities, carry out strategic focus, complement resources and collaborative capabilities, and actively integrate enterprise strategies into national strategies, Plan the industrial layout and development positioning of different development stages. Build high-end industries, core technologies and excellent teams to improve the ability of independent innovation, efficiency, market breakthrough, international operation and talent cultivation; According to the whole process mechanization needs of crops, important agricultural time limited operations, and the promotion of precision agronomy, strengthen core industries and products to meet the needs of users. Strengthen the gold supply chain system of parts and components, support industrial development, use two kinds of resources, strengthen the combination of factors, strengthen the domestic and foreign markets, take the lead in achieving breakthroughs, and avoid industrial integration, product upgrading, and customer optimization

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