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Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Innovation 30-year high-efficiency electric road

[Guide: the 30-year-old Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has become a model of global innovation and a highland of the global competitiveness of Chinese industry. Shenzhen has not only become a model of the efficient application of electric energy in the world in the past 30 years, but also an important innovator in the world in the field of Electrical Technology. As more enterprises begin to pay attention to sustainable development technology, Shenzhen based BYD, Zhongju Leitian and Wuzhoulong have become the field of electric vehicles Outstanding representatives of world innovation, such as BYD, Kelu electronics and haoningda, have become important innovative forces in the field of smart electricity and new energy. Shenzhen inverter industry cluster, represented by NVIDIA, also plays a decisive role in the world.]

the 30-year-old Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has become a model of global innovation and a highland of the global competitiveness of Chinese industries. The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which was just born in 1980, is still a border town with only two technicians. Today, it has grown into the most innovative international metropolis in the world. In 2008, Shenzhen became the first pilot to create a national innovative city in China. In 2009, there were 42279 patent applications accepted in Shenzhen (only 18 in 1985), including 20520 invention patents. Shenzhen enterprises participated in the formulation or revision of 62 international standards, 103 national standards and 171 industrial standards. At present, Shenzhen has 1044 state-level high-tech enterprises. Huawei, Ping An, Tencent, BYD, Vanke and other enterprises have grown into the most innovative enterprise stars in the world. In particular, Huawei, established in Shenzhen in 1988, has become the world's second largest provider of communication equipment. In 2009, with 1847 patent applications, it ranked second in the world in terms of equipment production, disinfection, resin treatment and various strict requirements for products

the rapid development of young Shenzhen is largely due to the unconventional innovative application of electric energy, the core driving force of modern economic and efficient development. The power supply of Shenzhen increased from 45 million kwh in 1980 to 56.8 billion kwh in 2009, an increase of more than 1200 times, becoming the fourth largest power consumption city in China, while the power consumption per unit GDP of Shenzhen decreased from 1414.8kwh/10000 yuan in 1980 to 677kwh/10000 yuan in 2009. Shenzhen has not only become a model for the efficient application of electric energy in the world in the past 30 years, but also an important innovator in the field of electrical technology in the world. As early as may, 2001, Emerson Electric, the world's leading manufacturer of electrical technology, purchased all the shares of Shenzhen Ansheng electric at a high price of 750million US dollars. Today, BYD, Zhongju Leitian and Wuzhoulong in Shenzhen have become outstanding representatives of world innovation in the field of electric vehicles. BYD, Kelu electronics and haoningda have become important innovative forces in the field of smart electricity and new energy. The frequency converter industry cluster in Shenzhen, represented by NVIDIA, is also in a pivotal position in the world

at the beginning of November, the young electrical innovation city Shenzhen will usher in the largest ceremony in its history. The evs25 (the 25th World Conference and exhibition of pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles) with the theme of sustainable power revolution will be held in Shenzhen. Evs25 will have 2000 delegates and an exhibition area of 45000 square meters. It is an unprecedented and innovative conference to display innovative technologies and products related to electric vehicles. With this grand event, young Shenzhen will enter a new era of electrical technology innovation and application

a model for the application and development of high-efficiency electric energy

Shenzhen has used electric lights for 90 years. As early as the 1920s, electricity entered Bao'an, and an oil-fired generator supplied power for the lighting of Daxin street in Nantou town. In May, 1951, Nantou power plant was put into operation for power generation. The generator is a 112 HP diesel engine, which provides power for County, market town, street lighting and agricultural and sideline products processing. The real meaning of Shenzhen power started in August, 1965. Yuanbao easily caused accidents. The first 35 kV Substation in the history of Anxian county was built and put into operation in wushiyan (xianshiyan). Shenzhen bid farewell to the era of small generators

since the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the power industry in Shenzhen has entered a period of extraordinary development. Over the past 30 years, the annual growth rate of electricity consumption in Shenzhen has exceeded 30% annually. The speed of power development in Shenzhen has strongly supported the average annual growth rate of GDP in Shenzhen by 25.8%

during the period from 2005 to 2009, the new substation capacity in Shenzhen reached 25.052 million KVA, which is more than the sum of the previous 25 years of electricity construction, equivalent to building a new Shenzhen power in five years. In 2007, the power load of Shenzhen exceeded 10million kW, becoming the fourth urban power with a load of more than 10 million kW in China after Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou, and also the largest power load in the five southern provinces. Today, Shenzhen is not only the fourth largest power consumption city in China, but also has 178 substations of 110 kV and above, with a total length of transmission lines of about 2700 kilometers (including cables), and a power supply load of more than 10 million KW. In 2010, the power supply of Shenzhen will exceed 60billion kwh

Shenzhen electric power has set many domestic records. In 1988, it set a national first in electric automation. The 110 kV Baoan and Nantou substations realized four remote controls of remote control, remote signaling (Communication), telemetry and remote regulation (dispatching), and realized single person on duty. One year later, 110kV AVIC and Lianhuashan substations were unattended. Shenzhen is the first in the country to establish a remote operated automatic power system. Since the beginning of the new century, the first long-distance offshore transmission line crosses Dapeng Bay, and the first power night market in China has been settled in Yantian. The substation with the highest degree of digitization came into being in Nanshan with the development of Shenzhen's high-tech industry

in 2009, the reliability rate of urban power supply in Shenzhen reached 99.968%, and it was rated as one of the five gold medal A-level enterprises in reliability in China. Shenzhen power is the city power with the highest load and the largest power supply volume in southern power, and at the same time, it is the city power with the shortest average outage time of customers, and has become one of the few cities with unlimited power supply in China

in Shenzhen Guangming New Area, Shenzhen electric power canceled the 110 kV voltage level and took the lead in adopting the 220 kV direct voltage drop 20 kV pilot in the country. In the new project, the increased cost in the city is expected to be recovered within 5-8 years, and the substation in the central area will be green transformed in terms of energy conservation, consumption reduction, electromagnetic and noise interference reduction, so as to make the substation more environmentally friendly and closer to the lives of citizens

Shenzhen, a young city, is leading the world in the emerging environmental protection application field of electric vehicles. According to the Shenzhen municipal plan, by the end of 2012, the number of private new energy vehicles in Shenzhen will strive to reach 25000, build 50 bus charging stations, 2500 official vehicle charging piles, 200 social public charging stations and 10000 charging piles, and strive to promote the use of new energy vehicles to a total of 100000 by 2015

Shenzhen recently officially announced local subsidies for private purchases of new energy vehicles. On the basis of the state's maximum subsidy of 50000 yuan for plug-in hybrid vehicles and 60000 yuan for pure electric vehicles, Shenzhen local finance will provide an additional subsidy of 30000 yuan and 60000 yuan for the two vehicles respectively. Shenzhen also stipulates that consumers who use electric vehicles will receive 9000 yuan of electricity subsidies

according to the "2010-2015 electric vehicle charging facilities planning in Shenzhen" recently released by Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, a total of 89 charging stations and 47500 charging piles will be built in the next two years, with a total investment of about 1.27 billion yuan; At the end of 2015, a total of 150 charging stations and 22.75 charging piles were built, with a total investment of about 4.36 billion yuan

great achievements in electrical technology innovation

Shenzhen, the hot land of innovation and the innovation highland of electric energy application, has made a number of innovative electrical technology enterprises stand out and rapidly grow into important participants in China and even the global market. Anson electric, which sold Emerson Electric for 750million US dollars in May 2001, is an outstanding example

Shenzhen Ansheng Electric Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenzhen Huawei Electric Technology Co., Ltd.) was founded in January 1996 with a registered capital of 700million yuan. At that time, it had the most powerful power electronics talents and technology platform in China. It was the first-class in the industry and the largest professional power supply manufacturer in China, with power electronics technology and related network control technology as its core business

on March 27, 2002, Emerson Electric officially formed Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. with Emerson libot, Emerson ASCO, Emerson astec, Emerson Industrial automation, etc. Today, Emerson energy, headquartered in Shenzhen, is a leading technology supplier in the world

smart electricity is becoming the focus of global electrical technology innovation and development, and Kelu electronics, located in Shenzhen, is a new star in this field. Kelu electronics, founded by Rao Luhua in 1996, is the widest supplier of intelligent electrical products in China. It is the first national high-tech listed enterprise to set up an intelligent electrical academician workstation and the first enterprise intelligent electrical research institute. It has undertaken National 863 projects and Torch Program projects for many times, and has 233 core patents. Kelu Electronics' long-term goal is to become a world-class energy service provider

during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in September 2010, General Secretary Hu Jintao met with entrepreneurs from 16 strategic emerging industries, including Huawei, BYD and kolu, in Shenzhen Xili university town. Raoluhua, chairman of Kelu electronics, reported to General Secretary Hu the development of Kelu and its innovative achievements in smart electricity and new energy industries. The wind power parallel access system developed by Kelu electronics is a world leading and domestic initiative, which solves the technical problems of wind power parallel access. The intelligent power consumption system integrates advanced electric energy measurement and control technology and communication technology, which can promote the intelligent power into the practical stage, and will save 10% to 15% of the power consumption for the society

inverter with the reputation of energy-saving Prince is a hot industry in the electrical technology market today. Yingweiteng, located in Shenzhen, is the largest local supplier of low-voltage inverter. Huang Shenli, chairman of inveterate, pointed out that inveterate has more than 20 patents and a large number of non patented technologies that have not applied for patents. It is an enterprise with core technologies. The company's annual expansion project of 200000 low-voltage converters and the annual expansion project of 1200 medium-voltage converters will reach production in the coming years, and the company's business will develop rapidly. In the next 10 years, inverton will vigorously expand industrial automation (including servo drives and related products) and new energy electrical control solutions (including electric vehicle converters, wind power inverters and other products) while developing the current electrical drive (frequency converter) business, hoping that the two new businesses will account for more than half of the company's overall business

today, the most influential innovation in the field of electrical technology in Shenzhen is electric vehicles. The manufacturing industry related to electric vehicles in Shenzhen, represented by BYD, is becoming a global highland. On the evs25 with the theme of sustainable power revolution, electric vehicle elites from around the world will have the opportunity to observe the electric vehicle industry in Shenzhen closely. Perhaps, in the near future, Shenzhen will create immeasurable value for the sustainable development of all mankind in the field of electric vehicles. (electrical technology, Xiao Jide, Xi Dahua)

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