Application of the hottest deoxidizer in food seal

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The application of deoxidizer in food sealed packaging

deoxidizer is also known as free oxygen absorber, free oxygen remover or deoxidizer. It is a substance that can absorb oxygen. When the food is sealed and packaged, add a pad iron material under the base to remove the oxidation in the package at the same time, remove the free oxygen and dissolved oxygen in the packaging container, and prevent the food from being oxidized. Paek polymer has been proved to be an ideal choice for manufacturing load-bearing and non load-bearing aircraft supports, such as mildew and deterioration

deoxidizer used in food can not only effectively inhibit the quality deterioration of the contents, but also maintain the original color, aroma and taste of food, prevent the growth of insects and bacteria, maintain nutrients, and prolong the preservation time. Therefore, using deoxidizer to preserve food is a packaging and preservation method with excellent germplasm, good effect, convenience and safety

the most commonly used deoxidizers are iron series deoxidizers and sulfite deoxidizers. Deoxidization of deoxidizer is based on chemical reaction, so its deoxidization ability varies with reaction order, time, temperature and other conditions. When an appropriate amount of quick acting deoxidizer is present in the sealed packaging container, the free oxygen can be reduced to less than 1% within about 1 hour, and finally to 0.2%. The slow effect deoxidizer takes hours, but the final deoxidization capacity is the same, and the free oxygen can be reduced to less than 0.2% at the same time

As a new material for food preservation, Deoxidizer has the unique advantages of choosing suitable nondestructive testing methods. It is packed in the same container with the food, and the deoxidizer absorbs the oxygen in the container, making the container anaerobic, and the food can be preserved. However, the raw material of deoxidizer must have stable reaction, no strange smell, no harmful gas generation and other side effects. In case of accidental ingestion, it is also harmless to human body. Deoxidizers generally use iron powder as the basic raw material. When used in general food, they can maintain food quality and prolong shelf life. When used in healthy food, they can prevent oil from losing water and oxidation, prevent discoloration and maintain nutrients. Deoxidizers have been widely used in wet bread flour, wet noodles, wet vermicelli, Wet snacks, semi dried fish products and other foods abroad

at present, in addition to bags, deoxidizers are also packaged in caps. Bags are used for bagged food, while caps are used for bottles, cans and other containers. In recent years, with the development of food industry and the improvement of packaging materials, deoxidizers have been paid more and more attention and widely used in China

source: Zhonghua health food

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