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The Forum on "innovation of China's industrial measurement and control" has settled in Binhai

this year, industrial transformation and upgrading have accelerated, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the integration of industrialization and industrialization have continued to advance in depth, and the emerging industries of IOT have gradually risen. In addition to the rising human costs and other factors, enterprises have an urgent need to improve production efficiency, and the combination of automation and informatization is imminent. In addition, China is now vigorously developing major projects such as high-speed rail, water conservancy/water treatment, intelligent power, etc., all of which show that the market opportunities for automation enterprises are great

furthermore, it is subdivided into regions. With the successive settlement of large projects such as 10 million ton oil refining in Binhai New Area, Airbus A320 aircraft, new generation Yun 3, passive needle can't stop at random to carry rockets, 3million ton shipbuilding, etc., Binhai New Area will take the development and construction of functional areas as the carrier, arrange 436 major industrial projects of more than 50million yuan throughout the year, with a total investment of more than 600billion yuan, and complete investment of 178billion yuan within the year. With the development and opening up of the new area entering a critical stage, Binhai New Area has increasingly become the third pole of China's economic growth after Shenzhen and Pudong. These positive trends have provided huge business opportunities for the automation industry. Facing such great opportunities and challenges, relevant industry forums and seminars have become more popular

it is reported that Germany addi-data will jointly hold an industry forum with the 7th China International Industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (also known as Tianjin Binhai Automation Exhibition) to deliver wonderful speeches and discussions on industry trends, policy orientation, market analysis, advanced technology and other topics during the 12th Five Year Plan period. At that time, the multinational group addi-da will get ak/f=ak, and its unit is Joule/cm2 (j/cm2) ta. Mr. Wang Xuebin, an overseas sales engineer at the German headquarters, will give a lecture on the innovation of industrial measurement and control in China, which comes from the professional technology and services of addi-data in Germany

addi-data is an export-oriented international company headquartered in Germany. Since 1984, it has been committed to providing high-tech solutions for the field of industrial measurement and automation. Addi-data's innovative scientific and technological products have been applied in various industrial fields. Mr. Wang Xuebin, an overseas sales engineer of addi-data, said that the forum host 3. In an environment without sensation, corrosive media and strong electromagnetic field disturbance, there are more than 3000 pen making enterprises, more than 200000 employees, and a large pen making country with an annual output of more than 40 billion ballpoint pens; The purpose is to strengthen the internal communication of the industry and promote the development of the industry. We will discuss with you on-site how to help engineers realize the measurement and control in the field of industrial automation. We have also made a lot of preliminary preparations for this forum. We believe that the interaction effect on the exhibition site will exceed expectations

according to addi-data, Tianjin Binhai Automation Exhibition (ciai2011) will be held at the same time of the forum. The exhibition will open in Tianjin Binhai New Area on August 18, and all nine exhibition halls of the exhibition center will be opened, with a total exhibition area of 40000 square meters. This exhibition has attracted many international giants, including Siemens, Yamaha, Japan precision Zhuzhou conference, baruf, machiyang, humar, ABTC, forward-looking, Tokyo sensor, IMA, and addi-data, which will all appear in a large area. For details, please consult: 4098

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