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The application of Delta industrial control products in packaging machines

1 Introduction

packaging machinery is widely used in various departments of the national economy. Based on the ls-300l pneumatic adjustable transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine newly developed by a packaging machinery Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, this paper discusses the application of delta inverter, encoder, man-machine interface, PLC, servo, temperature controller and other industrial control products in the packaging control system of the machine. Ls-300l packaging machine is mainly used in medicine, food, cosmetics, tobacco and other industries to pack plastic films for packaging boxes. Previously, mechanical and electrical products of Mitsubishi, Fuji and other brands were used. Due to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry and the high pressure of operating costs, the original control system gradually can not meet the needs of customers in terms of safety protection and convenience of control. Zhongda Shanghai Electromechanical company has successfully developed and debugged the complete control system after nearly two weeks of efforts by taking advantage of its business advantages such as product diversification, high cost performance, high-quality and perfect after-sales service system. Ls-300l pneumatic adjustable transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine is an integrated product of machine, electricity and air. After the control system of the machine is started, the film feeding is controlled by servo, the folding is pushed by cylinder, and the heat sealing is automatically completed in turn. It is mainly used for the outer packaging of various boxed articles. There are many kinds of packaging forms, and then press the OK key to enter, which can be flat or vertical. According to user needs, you can also assemble packaging. The folded part is bonded by heat sealing, which can play a good role in sealing, decoration, beauty, moisture-proof and anti drying. In addition, the film is bonded with an easy pull wire and packaged for easy unpacking

2 process requirements of packaging on the control system

the following process requirements for the control system in the packaging production process:

1) production efficiency, in the case of continuous normal production 5. Under the condition of less cost during use, when the length of the lower film is 200mm, pack one per minute

2) the size of the packaging box varies greatly. When the volume of the packaging box is very small, the length of the lower film is relatively short. If the deviation is relatively large, after the upper folding sealing, lower folding sealing and angle folding actions, the heat sealing will cause the inconsistent bonding position of the sealing part, and there will be differences when measuring the same type of products, affecting the production quality. Therefore, the accuracy of the length of the lower film is required to be high

3) there should be corresponding protective measures for pushing, corner folding, upper folding seal and lower folding seal in the normal production process to avoid mechanical damage after a certain link fails

4) push materials, but among them, what is worth enterprises' attention is: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; 2. In the accumulated order amount of key enterprises in the machinery industry, the coordination of the action sequence of warming corner, upper folding seal, lower folding seal, plastic surgery, lower film, air blowing, cutting and so on should be reasonable to ensure that the packaging quality and effect are not affected

5) have complete and reliable alarm and safety measures to ensure safe production

6) packaging speed: box (strip)/minute

7) package size range, length (L): mm, width (W): mm, height (H): mm

8) packaging material, heat sealed cellophane or OPP (BOPP) film with two-sided coating. The film thickness is generally 0 03mm, using coil form, the inner diameter of the core is 76mm, and the width of the unpacking narrow band is 1 mm;

9) film length l=2b+2h+c (B - width of package; H - height of package; C - overlapping part), usually c=mm

10) use the air compressor as the air source to supply compressed air, the exhaust volume is not less than 0.6m3/min, and the air source pressure is 0 MPa, working pressure 0 7 MPa, clean and dry the gas through the gas source triplet (gas separation), gas filter, pressure regulator and oil mist, maintain the pressure required by the gas circuit and provide component lubrication

3 packaging control system

3.1 system framework take pendulum → hang pendulum

system framework block diagram is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 system architecture block diagram

3.2 system composition

ls-300l packaging machine all uses pneumatic components, all uses pneumatic control, and belongs to medium and high-end models in the same type of products in the same industry. The packaging machine can pack plastic film for packaging boxes of various shapes and sizes. It can pack only by adjusting the width of the conveying track, the length and width of the packaging film, and the width of the corner shaping through the man-machine interface of the control system. The system is mainly composed of Delta industrial control products dop-a57cstd, dvp-32eh00t, asd-a0421la, asmt04l250ak, dta4848, etc. the operation site of the packaging machine control system is shown in Figure 2 (a), figure 2 (b) and Figure 2 (c)

Figure 2 control system operation site

now the relevant configuration of the system is described as follows

1) the human-computer interaction system dop-a57cstd

supports the online function of dual communication ports. Two sets of communication ports are built in, which can connect two controllers with different communication formats at the same time to form a multi computer online function/Offline simulation function, which provides simulation function to facilitate the designer to program and debug in the program development stage, so as to avoid errors during program operation; Support SMC card to access man-machine data, use SMC card to access man-machine internal data, and directly execute the copy function of the program on the man-machine without using the calculator to download the program; USB can quickly upload and download data. You can choose COM port or USB port to execute program downloading. USB can directly execute program transmission in man-machine operation, improving the convenience of operation and data transmission speed; The type of display is stnlcd; Display color, 256 colors; Display resolution, 320*240; The built-in perpetual calendar supports 5 external programmable function keys

2) plc-dvp-32eh00t

adopts cpu+asic dual processors and division of labor operation processing technology; Basic instruction execution speed 0.24ms; High speed pulse output can reach 200kHz, with built-in smooth acceleration and deceleration control; The counting frequency of high-speed counter can reach 200kHz, a total of four groups; I/o module data update interface, which does not occupy program scanning time; Built in multiple groups of external interrupt functions; Built in rs-232/rs-485 communication port

3) servo system asd-a0421la+asmt04l250ak

five machine integration, namely position/speed/torque/positioning/communication control

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