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"Innovating the future": Turk won the 2011cec product of the year award

transmission at 10:00 a.m. on November 2, 2011, in the banquet hall of Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park, more than 60 representatives of automation manufacturers, industry experts and media from home and abroad gathered to witness Control Engineering and arrange the 7th best product award ceremony of eering China 2011 on several recent key tasks

a total of 140 products from 81 domestic and foreign automation product suppliers were shortlisted in this year's selection. After fierce competition to avoid tilt, Turk PT-2 series flush diaphragm pressure transmitters won the annual best product award in instrumentation and process sensors

Turck PT-2 series special pressure transmitters adopt thin-film measuring elements and flush diaphragm structure. This product is specially designed for the detection of liquid and gas media, and it is very solid. The measuring element and sensor shell are welded together with the process connection thread. With this structure, Pt - 2 series pressure transmitters can measure the pressure of viscous or dirty media on today's engines, and can also be well used in similar complex environments. At the same time, with this structure, this series of sensors can be used normally in the harsh environment of test-bed, process engineering, industrial occasions and research institutes. In addition, PT-2 series pressure transmitter has temperature compensation function and can provide standard output signal

product performance characteristics:

measurement accuracy: 0.5% of the full range

stainless steel 1.4435, 1.4542 shell

IP67 protection grade

compact and solid shell

excellent EMC characteristics

10 400 bar relative pressure detection

-40 +85 ℃ medium temperature range

4 20 mA current analog output

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