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Join hands with Huawei terminal cloud services to serve global users

as the global partner of Huawei terminal cloud services (HMS) in the financial field, the world's third-largest financial media recently helped Huawei terminals provide diversified financial quotes and information to global users

on the one hand, Huawei, as the world's leading provider of intelligent terminal equipment, is committed to providing its global end users with more diversified financial information and information. On the other hand, it also provides users with a large amount of real-time data in the international market and high-quality financial information around the world

constitute four industrial chains. As the top media in the global financial field, it has always been famous in the global financial media industry for its professional, comprehensive, fast and accurate financial data and information content. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the company's popularity and authority in a wider range, the cooperation with Huawei has attracted extensive attention from insiders. Up to now, Huawei terminal cloud services has gradually identified and implemented a number of important cooperation

as a global financial media partner of Huawei's terminal cloud service, it will provide global stock market data support for the stock card function it added to its new smart assistant today (negative screen)

provide tool data support for Huawei smart assistant today's stock cards

in addition, Huawei petal search provides search services in more than 20 fields such as applications, videos, pictures, shopping, travel, air tickets, hotels, music, local services and various life information for users in more than 170 countries and regions overseas, and supports multiple languages. At the beginning of the development of the finance and economics module, petal search took foreign exchange data as the access point. In 2011, it fully introduced more than 200 pairs of international mainstream currency pair data, which makes petal search have more comprehensive foreign exchange data and provides more convenient query access for global users

provide data support for Huawei's petal search embedded foreign exchange tool module

at the same time, it has joined the petal search brandbox experience program. Huawei petal search team provides a comprehensive brand display scheme integrating products, services and social media for customization, and carries out brand and business communication in 170 + countries or regions covered by business

join Huawei's petal search commercialization, otherwise it will scratch the lens surface product brandbox experience plan

it should be noted that as a partner of Huawei's terminal cloud service, Yingwei Caiqing was also invited to attend the 2020 Huawei Developer Conference (hdc2020) in September this year

Jamie rakover, vice president of global commerce, delivered an important speech at the HDC 2020 online sub forum. He said: expensive data clients should not be the only choice to watch the market. We hope that everyone can have access to real-time market data and tools for free, and have more options in this huge investment financial market. For investors, it is crucial to obtain information in time and use effective information to make trading decisions

in the future, we will also work with Huawei and other global high-quality partners to further develop and expand in the global financial field

source: Yingwei Caiqing

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