A glance at the most popular medicine bag machine

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A glance at domestic and foreign drug packaging machines

1 New concept of foreign pharmaceutical packaging design

foreign pharmaceutical packaging attaches great importance to child safety (baby SSFE), so when designing drugs, we often consider whether the packaging design will have an impact on children's safety. Recently, a drug packaging box called "faller" developed by a company is opened through the die line on the packaging box. It requires a certain amount of force to open the box. Such an opening method is very tolerant for adults. The all aluminum body pure electric bus is easy to provide by Shanghai Shenwo Bus Co., Ltd., but it is very difficult for children, so as to effectively prevent children from opening and eating by mistake. Once this kind of packing box is opened, it is difficult to restore, so it plays the role of anti-theft to a certain extent, and truly integrates protection and anti-theft

in addition, foreign new wallet blister packaging reflects a greater emphasis on humanization. For those patients with heart disease who need to take medicine regularly for a long time, this packaging form is very applicable, because the chip can be added to the packaging box, and a certain program is designed on the chip. When the patient forgets to take medicine, the chip will automatically alarm and give a buzzing sound to remind the patient to take medicine

as the moisture-proof, moisture-proof and light proof properties of aluminum plastic blister packaging are not as good as those of double aluminum and aluminum plastic aluminum packaging, the demand for double aluminum and aluminum plastic aluminum packaging is on the rise

in terms of anti-counterfeiting, in addition to the anti-counterfeiting technology commonly used in domestic packaging boxes and instructions, many foreign drugs have done anti-counterfeiting on the aluminum foil packed in cartons, instructions and blisters

in addition to carton packaging and blister packaging, there are many new packaging forms, such as plastic bag packaging with a circular sponge at one end, paper plastic packaging that looks like a medicine bottle, etc

2. Blister packaging for initial use patients

a foreign company recently designed a blister packaging for initial use patients for an important customer. This kind of packaging is completed on a high-speed production line. It is a blister that can hold 10mg and 20mg products at the same time, and it is packaged with a patient information manual and inserts

3. Recently, efficient blister packaging equipment has been innovated. Due to the fast heat sealing speed between PS board and aluminum-plastic, the time is shortened, and the cooling degree of PS board is very small, which solves the problem of asymmetry between the edge of blister and the edge of cover. At the same time, this equipment adopts servo drive, which makes the accuracy of the machine very good. There is no gap between the drug plates, which can save 10% - 15% of the plate for the enterprise

4. Injection bottle blister forming machine

the emergence of an injection bottle blister forming machine enriches the packaging form of injection bottles and makes the packaging form more beautiful. The packaging material forming and heat sealing of the equipment are carried out on the same roller, and two different types of injection bottles can be packed at the same time (the maximum diameter of the injection bottle is 28 mm). In addition, because the injection bottle has no moisture-proof problem, in order to save packaging costs, a special paper can be used to replace aluminum foil and PVC sealing

5. Blister packaging machine that automatically replenishes defective products

a blister packaging machine designed by a German company uses a servo motor to control each station, so that there will be no error accumulation, which greatly improves the accuracy of mechanical operation and saves packaging materials. Its randomly controlled inspection sample and unique replenishment bin design can detect the product quality at any time. Once the damaged or vacuolated products are found to be removed, the replenishment bin will automatically fall and replenish the qualified products

6. Energy saving blister packaging machine

the paint and putty of aluminum/aluminum 8.6 experimental machine of an Italian company should have sufficient strength blister packaging machine. The blister is made of composite aluminum by cold forming at room temperature, which can effectively reduce energy consumption

7. The SRS series semi-automatic rotary blister packaging machine is a new type of equipment specially designed for medium production. This machine adopts DuPont tyver, foil and other heat sealable lidstock, which is suitable for conventional card blisters, front blisters and half clamshell styles. SRS series equipment has three designs: four stations, six stations and eight stations. In addition, the machine is also designed to include an optional automatic card feeding system and an automatic packaging unloading system

8. A German company adopts BP series equipment, with advanced servo performance, box design and positive migration system as the technical key, which has the characteristics of flexibility, high efficiency and easy operation

the traditional design is to use a main servo mechanism to control other servo drivers. However, this device enables the servo driver to adjust individual processing time without affecting other worktables. In addition, the elau pacdrive automatic system adopted by the equipment can complete more complex control modes. The box design of the equipment separates the machine structure from the driver, avoiding the generation of particles and dust. The workbench has a flat surface, which is very convenient to clean and avoid possible blockage in work

the device can be adjusted quickly without tools, and can be configured and replaced through the operation panel. The equipment is divided into single channel and double channel, which can complete the forming of 12 mm deep blisters, and the production speed is up to 600 blisters/min

9. Vision guided robot packaging equipment

the APS robot tigerpak system designed by an automation company can box 80 blister strips/minute. The robot adopts visual guidance, and the blister strip is placed in any direction (such as face up or upside down). The robot uses APS custom equipment to pick it up and put it into the prepared carton. The system will also verify the pick-up and placement of each product in order to prove correct and carry out accurate carton counting. This device is suitable for a variety of blister sizes and can be converted without tools

10. The demand for multi row small bag packaging machines is growing rapidly

many granular drugs are packaged in bags. In recent years, the output of automatic shutdown of granules in China has increased rapidly. In 2003 alone, it exceeded 6.05 billion bags, an increase of 23% over 2002. With these drugs in short supply in the market, it means that pharmaceutical enterprises need higher production speed. Therefore, the high-speed multi row small bag packaging machine was born in response to the trend. It competes with the single row small bag packaging machine with its advantages of higher production speed, lower personnel cost, quality assurance and packaging material cost, and has the potential to replace the single row small bag packaging machine with lower production speed

11. Cartoning machine with suction cup and unique box opening device

cartoning machine is an essential part of blister packaging linkage production line. Domestic cartoning machines usually open the cartons by means of card pushing, so the speed of the cartoning machine has a lot to do with the quality of the paper. If the straightness of the paper is not good and the material of the paper is poor, it may not open, resulting in downtime. A foreign company has developed a cartoning machine with suction cups and a unique box opening device. It uses suction cups to install suction cups on the top and side of the carton, and opens the carton through suction, thereby reducing the requirements of the equipment for paper. At the same time, in order to ensure the box opening rate of the equipment, a fork hand box opening device is specially designed to make the replacement of the mold convenient and rapid, so as to avoid the possibility of shutdown due to unsuccessful box opening, which not only saves packaging materials, but also ensures the production speed. Compared with the cartoning machine with higher speed, it has a higher cost performance

12. More and more attention has been paid to drug detection

in recent years, the safety of drug packaging has been placed in a prominent position, and many pharmaceutical equipment suppliers have paid special attention to the detection equipment: photoelectric detection system, photographic monitoring system, weighing and detection equipment, etc. are all covered on the connecting line. For example, many blister packaging equipment is equipped with image detection equipment, which can detect the color, size and other aspects of drugs before filling. When other drugs or damaged drugs are detected, the detection equipment remembers the location of these drugs and finally removes them. There are also detection equipment for Xilin bottles and other products, which can detect foreign matters, metal, liquid level, damage and other aspects, with simple operation and high accuracy

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