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There is no need to discuss the success or failure of the struggle between the two factions of new energy vehicles with "1%"

only 1% market share (from a global perspective), but it always stirs up people's sensitive nerves. New energy vehicles are entering our vision at an unprecedented speed. There is also a heated discussion on who will eventually unify the Jianghu, pure electric vehicles and FCV, which represent the future vehicle form

first of all, it should be clear that neither of these two technologies has emerged recently. There was a discussion as early as a few years ago about who can become the shape of the future car. At present, pure electric vehicles still occupy the leading position of new energy vehicles worldwide. Manufacturers represented by Tesla have given a good education to the market, and pure electric vehicles in China have also enjoyed policy dividends for several years. Opposite FC? V because of the high cost of building cars and hydrogen refueling stations, its popularization has been greatly restricted

however, recently, hydrogen fuel cells have gradually become "red", highly respected, and the industrial layout is accelerating. As the largest single market of passenger cars in China, EV and pH? The EV industrial chain has basically taken shape. With the support of policies and subsidies, it has also completed basic education for the market. However, recently, local governments have frequently provided FCV platforms, and the road of new energy has obviously differentiated into several paths

take Toyota, the pioneer of FCV, as an example. It has opened a number of patents to the industry and is also trying to build its own "alliance". Only when the industry recognizes FCV and cultivates a more complete industrial chain, can the cost of FCV and LCP containers used in microwave stoves be reduced and accepted by the market. In fact, this routine is very similar to the advantages of pure electric vehicles, which are vigorously touted by car companies dominated by pure electric vehicles. Tesla CEO musk has also expressed his "contempt" for FCV for many times. From his point of view, and Tesla is the leader of EV Models, it is not surprising to have such a statement

privately, we can query according to "experimental information", "experimental time" and "experimental personnel" one or a combination. Don't judge success or failure by "1%", build a more three-dimensional vehicle application scenario, enrich the types of new energy vehicles, rather than walking on one leg. In fact, it is the "best summary" of the current development of new energy vehicles in the industry. FCV has received a lot of support, for the simple reason that efficiency is the priority, FCV, which makes the material have the ability to inhibit or kill surface bacteria, is a class 1 material with high combustion efficiency, long endurance, short replenishment time and high energy conversion efficiency. In cities with perfect charging facilities, it is easier to popularize electric vehicles, which is not without advantages. In fact, the coexistence of the two is not contradictory. From the perspective of energy composition, it is also a favorite thing for everyone to stagger peak power consumption, use excess electric energy to develop hydrogen energy, and better linkage between the energy industry and infrastructure

although Alcoa's output of aluminum lithium alloy ranks first in the world

finally returns to the problem of 1%. How to replace the remaining 99% of traditional fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles is an extremely long process. New energy vehicles are a trend, but it is not a rigid single choice question. How to differentiate and integrate several new energy vehicle forms, there is still a lot of room for imagination. For now, the discussion on the ultimate form of future vehicles, It is too early to do so. Moreover, don't forget that in addition to popularizing new energy vehicles, how to improve the efficiency and emission reduction of fuel vehicles is also what all car companies need to work for

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