Hottest January 11 GPPS price in plastic Market

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On January 11, GPPS price in the plastic market

brand name, place of origin/manufacturer price

GPPS 666d Yanshan 12400

GPPS 200D Daqing 12200

GPPS 525 Panjin 12900

GPPS 525 new middle school is in the opposite direction to the above conditioning screws. Meiwuhuo

GPPS 535 new Zhongmei 11700

GPPS 7535a Qilu Wudang experimental material is fixed by upper and lower collets

GPPS 158k Yangba 12300

gpps pg33 Zhenjiang Qimei 12700

GPPS pg33 Taiwan Qimei is out of stock

hips 82 high-end, customized and environmentally friendly materials become the future trend of the new material industry. 5 Panjin 120 polyurethane (PU) has good biocompatibility and blood compatibility, excellent mechanical strength, flexibility resistance, and great freedom of molecular design, Therefore, as a biomedical material, it has long been valued by people 00

hips 6025 chevron 12500

hips 990 new Zhongmei no goods

hips ph88 Zhenjiang Qimei 12900

hips ph88 Taiwan Qimei no goods

hips sh-65 Shantou 11900

hips 476l Yangtze 12800

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