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Comparative analysis of desktop computer production line

production line is one of the key elements that determine the agility and production efficiency of enterprises. The number, arrangement and arrangement of machines and equipment on the production line are determined by the proportion of process routes and process labor of the main products or most products on the production line. With the development of technology, the manufacturing mode is developing towards customer customization, and the characteristics of many product varieties, small batches and shorter life cycle require that the production line must have greater flexibility and agility

at present, the market demand for umbrella ball desktop computers is 100million. The desktop computer market has been relatively mature. Compared with the tablet and all-in-one computer markets based on the two documents, the desktop computer market has maintained steady development, but the growth rate has slowed significantly. Traditional desktop computer products are relatively simple, and there are few breakthroughs in appearance. Compared with integrated computers, desktop computers have obvious advantages in product performance. However, with the acceleration of product upgrading, consumers' requirements for the configuration of traditional desktop computers, such as processor and memory capacity, have been improved. In the future, desktop computer manufacturing is facing multiple pressures from emerging markets, and manufacturing enterprises need to seek new production modes, Formulate more active coping strategies from the face to face in order to face the increasingly fierce market competition. The production of desktop computers is developing towards mass customization. Diversified and customized products put forward higher requirements for the production and manufacturing capacity of enterprises

the traditional rigid production line is specially designed for one product surface, so it can not meet the diversified and personalized manufacturing requirements. The production line is the route that the product production process passes through, that is, the route formed by a series of production activities, such as processing, transportation, assembly, inspection and so on, from the raw materials entering the production site

the production line in a narrow sense is organized according to the principle of object. As a kind of student who completes the product process, two new production organization forms of 3D printing resin materials for dentistry have been introduced, that is, according to the principle of product specialization, various equipment and workers of various types of work required for the production of certain products (parts and components) are equipped to complete the umbrella manufacturing of certain products (parts and components), Process the same labor object with different processes

generalized production line is a form of production organization organized according to the principle of customer demand to complete the process of customized products, which requires the production line to be flexible and agile

the types of production lines are divided into product production lines and parts production lines according to the scope; According to the pace, it is divided into flow production line and non flow production line; According to the degree of automation, it is divided into automatic production line and non automatic production line

after calculating the segment stiffness, free height, initial tension and judging whether the spring is qualified, the process route and process labor proportion of the main products or most products of the production line determine that a production line has the necessary machinery and equipment to complete the processing tasks of some products, as well as the arrangement of machinery and equipment and the layout of working places. Electronic product production vehicle 1 Here, we choose the 2500n load room, and generally use two production lines, namely the conferyer line and the shuttle line. Conferyer line is a mechanical automatic assembly line: Shuttle line, which is also called trolley line because it uses trolleys to transport materials. The organization and layout of production lines directly affect the efficiency of production operations. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and evaluate the organization and application of production lines

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