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Configuration comparison: which is better, Dell game box g3pro or HP shadow wizard 5? What's the difference?

these two Dell game boxes g3pro and HP shadow wizard 5 are new game books in 2019. Their configurations are the same. Playing mainstream games and working are good choices. However, in terms of heat dissipation, workmanship, after-sales and quality, this HP shadow wizard 5 is relatively better. However, its appearance is not as good as Dell game box g3pro, and its cost performance is not as high as Dell game box g3pro

Dell game box G3 Pro more user comments on advantages and disadvantages details "for later friends to choose and refer to

HP shadow Genie 5 JD quote comment details" for friends in need of reference

HP shadow Genie 5

look at the comparison between friends:

1. Look at what you do, I also lingered for a long time in these two machines, and finally chose G3, because the heat dissipation is eight Jin eight Liang really, Memory G3 is not too bad, but G3's appearance is really better than shadow elf 5. People who don't know the shape of the game book will think that the recognition of miscellaneous brands is not high. Depending on your performance, you can go to shadow. If your appearance is controlled by G3

2. Although the double baking score of shadow elf 5 is average, and it has not reached the 45W pass line, it is still much better than G3. G3 suggests that the appearance should be oriented

however, the low configuration (1650 and 1050) of shadow Genie 5 has shrunk, the heat pipe of the video memory has disappeared, the original heat pipe has become thinner, and the battery has also changed from 70wh to 52wh (the specific value may be different). The high configuration of 1660ti is no problem, and the low configuration is carefully entered

3. Choose shadow Genie 5. G3 has poor heat dissipation, but it's not that there is no heat dissipation pipe as mentioned above. There are two 4G memory modules in G3 memory. It's more troublesome to add memory. Anatomical drawing of rubber vibration isolation support

HP shadow genie 5

II. Comparison of quotation and comments between Dell game box g3pro and HP shadow Genie 5:

1. Dell game box g3pro:

reference price: ¥ 8499.00 (check JD event quotation)

user comments: the computer performance is also very good, the boot is very fast and smooth, there is a backlit keyboard, the appearance is very good, that is, the computer is a little heavy, and the red Dell logo is very good-looking. 15.6 screen, good color gamut. The heat dissipation sound is a little loud, but it doesn't affect it. Configuration: the ninth generation core I detects the coating used for the surface coating of steel structures. 79750cpu and 512 solid state drives reflect that the stability of the instrument is not high. Cost performance is very high. It is recommended to buy

2. HP shadow wizard 5

reference price: ¥ 8999 Need to know about the use of metallographic polishing machine 00 (see activity quotation)

user comments: it's really unexpected. I thought it would be very thick when looking at the picture, but it's actually a little surprise. The appearance is cool and domineering, which really appeals to me. The texture of year C is really good. It's very exquisite. The color matching of red and black is really cool. The machine runs very smoothly. After using it for a period of time, there are no jams and other problems. The entertainment master scores 30W. What's your surprise? Basically, it runs without pressure, and I like it very much, which is in line with my taste.

third, summary:

Dell game box g3pro and HP shadow wizard 5 are not very different in general. They can be competent for games, office, entertainment and so on. There is no pressure, mainly in terms of heat dissipation. HP wizard 5 is a little better, but both of them are worth starting. Friends who like appearance can consider Dell game box g3pro

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