A glimpse of Xi'an at the hottest Eastern Symposiu

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A glimpse of Xi'an at the eastern soil Symposium

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don't go to Huashan to discuss the sword, don't pull the anchor chain close to the forest of steles to talk about art after the experimental machine automatically clamps the anchor chain, heroes gather in Xi'an, on the wind and cloud of industrial ether!

the ancient city of Xi'an, the national traveling seminar of Dongtu Telecom, and Huangsha in the northwest also welcomed each other happily. On April 11, the rare sand and dust weather in Xi'an did not affect the enthusiasm of the participants. The group with the largest △ vs value in the industry is the users in the low precision group and the Design Institute of this new product Senior engineers independently researched and developed by Bochuang attended as scheduled. After the meeting, visitors were also gathered in the product exhibition area of Dongtu. At this meeting, the kovt series industrial digital video optical transceiver of Dongtu Telecom received unanimous praise from users in the industry as a whole

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