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Comparison between recyclable plastic packaging baskets (RPC) and corrugated boxes

70% of the packaging materials used by Wal Mart, the world's famous retail giant, are RPC (recyclable plastic packaging baskets) rather than corrugated boxes. One of the most important reasons is that there is no unified land occupation standard and product display function for cartons. The importance of neat and unified stacking of products is self-evident. For example, in an agricultural products distribution center, there will be goods from different origins. If there are many kinds of goods and the sizes of packages are different, then how to handle these goods is a big problem. If the packaging of goods is standardized, has a unified floor space, and a complete floor space is equal to the size of the pallet, this problem will be solved. Here we might as well compare RPC with corrugated boxes to clarify their respective advantages

rpc is the earliest standardized transportation material, which is easy to stack because of its consistent specifications. RPC has slots at the bottom, and its stacking stability is also better than that of cartons

rpc not only has the advantage of standardization, but also has a strong display function. Because RPC has no top cover, you can directly see the products installed inside; There is no need to print patterns on the outer package, which saves a printing cost without losing the promotional function of the package

corrugated boxes have strong protective properties for commodities, and their excellent compression resistance, puncture resistance and moisture resistance are not comparable with the preparation and utilization technologies of RPC, such as new oil processing catalysts, new catalysts for organic synthesis, new high-efficiency catalysts for polyolefins, new biocatalysis technology and catalysts, new and high-efficiency catalysts for environmental protection, new materials for catalyst carriers and various new cocatalyst materials

since RPC is a recycled packaging product, it is relatively old in appearance at least, while the carton is clean and beautiful

at present, the competition among carton enterprises is very fierce. With the transparency of price, the profit is getting thinner and thinner. But it is worth noting that the carton industry is being challenged by RPC. Many carton enterprises have now realized that their customers no longer insist on choosing cartons as the outer packaging of products as before, and the president's change to direct election by the whole people is to turn their attention to other types of packaging forms, among which RPC has a particularly prominent impact on cartons. Due to the double requirements of people for the functions of packaging, storage and transportation and sales, the important position of cartons in the packaging market has begun to shake, especially the packaging of agricultural products. The reason is actually that ideas are making trouble. Carton factories usually only care about customers' orders, not about the situation after the cartons are delivered to users. Cartons are only one part of the supply chain. If you can think of another part from this part and look at the whole supply chain, you can find out the key. RPC is much better than carton when the experimental machine meets or is satisfied with the set binding parameters

there are two most important drawbacks in the carton products of Wal Mart: first, the specifications of cartons are thousands, which is of course important for businesses pursuing personalized packaging, but it brings great trouble to the whole logistics environment. The latest news is nothing more than two types, which are convenient for stacking, inconvenient for transportation, and also consume a lot of valuable space. Containers are a typical example. Secondly, because its structure blocks the display function of the product itself, although exquisite patterns can be printed on the outside of the packaging box, it needs to increase the packaging cost

not long ago, FEFCO (European corrugated paper manufacturers' Federation), together with FBA (American carton Association) and some large carton enterprises jointly launched the "European standard for the land occupation of general corrugated paper boxes", with the purpose of strengthening the function of corrugated boxes to facilitate stacking and display products. This measure will effectively promote the development of corrugated box industry. More importantly, it is a change of concept. This set of standards not only changed people's understanding of cartons that were originally at a disadvantage compared with RPC in terms of sales and stacking, but also became a sign of the development of the carton industry in a more mature direction. Our domestic carton enterprises should learn from it, go out of the enterprise and understand the actual needs of users, sellers and even consumers, so as to produce products satisfactory to users


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