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Comparison between FRP pump and centrifugal pump

FRP pump is a kind of water pump, which is made of FRP, also known as glass fiber reinforced material. Compared with other pumps, FRP pumps mainly have the following differences:

1 The conveying flow of FRP pump can be accurately controlled, and it can also be easily made into variable displacement pump. The output flow of centrifugal pump can not be controlled, which decreases with the increase of its own resistance; The pump has strong self-priming capacity, and the centrifugal pump must be filled with liquid before running

2. The rotating speed of FRP pump is very low, generally between 200rmp and 600rm ultrasonic vibration processing technology P, and the conveyed materials are output smoothly without damage to their components. The centrifugal pump vigorously implements the strategy of high-end products, and the speed is very high. The conveyed materials are strongly impacted and acted by centrifugal force. Therefore, the centrifugal pump often produces the phenomenon of different material components when conveying the mixture, which makes the quality of the finished products decline more seriously. The low-cost and stable mass production of graphene based heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings has been realized

3 This pump can be used to transport highly corrosive substances. Centrifugal pumps have no such characteristics

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